Minecraft The Movie: Warner Bros. Has the Rights

Awaken the Ghasts, prepare the creepers and sharpen the pick axe – we might be going somewhere.

Earlier today, Deadline, reported that Warner Bros. had acquired the rights to make Minecraft “into a major motion picture”.


Warner Bros. has apparently had its eyes on the franchise for some time, with “huge interest” from writers and filmmakers. Charged with the success of movie survival, Roy Lee – who just released The Lego Movie – which was a major box office success.

No bells and whistles from Notch yet, no parade or mass ceremony to mark the event. However, he did tweet that a movie may be in the works and that he “wanted to be the leak” that told the world; very much hinting that a movie is on its way.

Alas, no official word yet. We will have to stoke the fire, prepare the furnace and first build a home to survive the night; in hope that Warner Bros. give us some juicy news soon.