As Putin Wages WWIII, His Memes Invade Social Media

The current situation in Ukraine is deeply disturbing. Russia’s intervention is likely to have a long lasting consequence in the region. But while the world worries about the next world war, here’s the top President Putin memes, collected from around the web.

The nature of the internet means it can respond to any event around the world, practically, instantly. So with the Ukrainian trouble starting to become serious, the meme makers have been in overdrive. Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, the lot. Not helped by the gafs in Sochi, President Putin has become an internet star. So lets take a look at the current social media trends…

The famous cookie. Seriously, give him a cookie.

He wants it back. Best do as he says.

Because all Russians are alcoholics.

He loves all animals really.

Told you… Share that fury love.

That wink is really believable.

He’s just in a bad mood.

A really bad mood. Keep in his good books.

He’s just got that swagger. That look.

Not funny.

He pulls off any look.

And has unbelievable charisma.

Sorry, we forgot that everyone loves Putin in Russia. Must be those winning glasses.

Images courtesy of memebase and other sources. 


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