iOS 7.1 Launches: Remedies The Past Mistakes (Most Of)

Feeling violated by iOS 7? I am, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s not one of Apple’s usual sleek and ‘workable’ updates to iOS – in fact sometimes it’s completely unworkable. But do not fear, iOS 7.1 is here.

Namely bringing “improvements and bug fixes” to slaughtered iDevices, Apple has tweaked Touch ID and has added an option to reduce on-screen animations. That’ll be good news for all those motion-sick users.

The update was released on Monday and also introduced CarPlay to the iFamily. Effectively, Apple’s iPhone on wheels, users can now control their iPhone via a car interface.

Siri gets a quick splash of paint. Now you release the home button to put her to work, instead of that awkward long silence. Apple also dubbed in more “natural sounding” voices, making those conversations, that little bit more personal.

As well as the usual security updates, Apple also added bold text and other accessibility options.

Apple’s iOS 7 was the biggest change to iOS since its introduction in 2007. A flatter, sleeker design came at the cost of usability in some cases. Regularly, I find myself having to force quit apps and restart my iPad; all because iOS won’t play nice. Foreign keyboards are mixed with English variants when switching apps, and let’s not forget that white screen of doom. These problems are still persistent.

Apple, you know better. Fix it.

What’s your worst iOS experience?