Get Them Quick, While They’re Hot: Samsung GS5 Factory Bursts Into Flames

The worst time possible to happen? Probably so. That’s really misfortune.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just over a month away, but Samsung may now face a decreased supply of Galaxy devices, due to a ‘slipup at a factory.

Samsung’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board) factory just went up in flames. Ouch.

Image belongs to Asia News Agency

Samsung may now be wondering what the consequences of the fire could be, on the cards is: lack of S5 supplies, total cut off of supplies and  possibly a world apocalypse for Samsung, who wants to sell as many S5s as possible.

The fire started at 7am on Sunday, causing serious damage to the factory in Anseong, South Korea. The damage is estimated to cost around $1 billion and took 279 firefighters with 81 different fire-fighting vehicles.

We don’t yet know what started the fire, but Samsung has reassured us that the launch of 11th April, won’t be delayed.

Amazing optimism Samsung, keep going. You wonder why the blaze got so out of control, to require 279 firefighters – have they ever heard of health and safety?


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  1. Yes it really is hilarious how troubles similar to this one begin looking ridiculously unimportant compared to the world news. Another page of the cold war, the actual true war that erupts, Russia-China gas offer axis… Nevertheless here we’re with this socialmedia difficulties, – can we ever see the world has changed? I’m not declaring that which you reveal is unnecessary, Iam indicating that the certain degree of detachment is balanced. Thanks, Sarah @

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