Blackout: EE Apologises for Network Outage. How did you survive?

The UK’s largest 4G mobile operator has apologised for an outage last night that left users without signal.

EE has admitted that there was a problem around 19:30 GMT on Wednesday night and that there were some “Gremlins in the system”. Very technical. 

EE was bombarded with complaints overnight, many calling for customer compensation.

Network service has been restored, and suggests users reset their phones.

With everyone relying on their mobile phones more and more, it becomes key for networks to limit such outages. Blackberry faced mass exodus with its BBM outages several years ago, so any slip up is painful for companies.

Sadly, this meant there was no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp or Instagram for those not in range of WiFi last night. How did they survive?

Not even Snapchat escaped the punishment. You had to talk to your friends face-to-face. Dreadful.

How would you cope if the networks all turned off? Could you survive without your mobile? Let us know.


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