“Revenge should have no bounds.”: Shopper Avenges Online Scammer With Shakespeare

Are you a fan of the English literary heritage? Macbeth? Romeo and Juliet? Othello? Merchant of Venice?

Shakespeare is known for scaring little children and killing teenagers with boredom, but now his words have been used by an online shopper to get revenge on a scammer.

Clearly, you’ve got to have a love of Shakespeare and an unlimited text plan to be able to follow through a policy of destruction by SMS. But two weeks ago, 24-year-old graphic designer Edd Joseph bought a PS3 off Gumtree  for £80… and then it never arrived.

After failed attempts to contact the seller, Joseph took to other means of resolving the issue.

“[It] just occurred to me you can copy and paste things from the Internet and into a text message,” he told The Bristol Post. So, naturally, he sent the entire collection of William Shakespeare by SMS.

FYI, it took 600 messages to send the complete Scottish play, Macbeth.

So far, 22 of the 37 Shakespeare works have been sent, and it will take an estimated 29,000 texts in total to complete the deed.

That’s a lot of texting…

Revenge should have no bounds.
Hamlet (4.7.143)


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