I’ve Been Thinking… Does Will.i.am Look Like Steve Jobs?

I’ve been thinking, yes, it might shock you. I was creating a recent episode of the N.O.W for YouTube and stumbled across an image that I thought was intriguing.

It’s probably just me, but I was taken back. Starring closely, I thought it was odd. It seemed to be true, in more than one way.

Does the Will.i.am, the famousĀ “rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist” (as described on his Wiki) have any resemblance to the late Steve Jobs?


Compare the above photo to the photo posted on Apple’s website in homage of the late co-founder; and you get a few resemblances.


OK, OK… They might be wearing polar opposite clothes, and Will.i.am can’t wear his glasses properly. But still, look closer.

The hands. They both have similar positions in the way they hold their hands.

Their eyes. Both give a good ‘creepy’ stare into the camera.

Their ambition. Steve Jobs was called many a thing, but mainly he was an innovator ‘he saw opportunities’. Likewise, Will.i.am is the same. His record label, his own clothing line, his obsession with technology and his passion. He ‘sees things’ and they become reality.

It’s a thought to ponder on. What do you think?