French Say ‘No’ To Evening Work Emails

We all know that some get it easier than others in life. A prime example of this inequality are the French. Working only 35 hours a week and still getting 6 5 weeks of paid holiday… Sacrebleu!

And now they won’t have to answer their work emails either, well not after 6PM.

The French aren’t immune, every worker knows of the constant pressure to answer work emails, and this doesn’t go away after you leave the office. However, a deal signed by the tech industry and the unions in France now mean that companies aren’t allowed to contact employees electronically after 6PM, by law!

Hailed by unions, understandably businesses aren’t too impressed. France has a large tech presence with Google, Facebook and others, who already have to jump through the endless hoops of French bureaucracy.

You bet there will be some fight back by business. But, just don’t expect the French to roll over this time; there’s a lot of sun bathing time on the cards…


6 thoughts on “French Say ‘No’ To Evening Work Emails”

  1. I”m not offended, I never really understood working people who supported still more exploitation . Our bosses wanted the same things than others, “My first goal is to make as much money as I can”, and it”s only a continuous class struggle from 1848 to the last 70s that allowed French masses to less exploitation . The 8 hours days instead of 14, the first paid vacations ( starting with 2 weeks in 36), the 48 hours week and not 60, later 40h, the end of children work, etc …
    Always in US posts I read about these lazy French who work 35h . That’s what our governs tried to make us believe while it didn’t concern all the folks who work for themselves, from peasants to shopkeepers, craftmen and lawyers . But even from the beginning this law couldn’t be applied in many enterprises and services for their workers and the successive govs. did more and more holes into this law. Nowadays I would say between 1/3 and 1/2 of French can work 35h . So the majority can’t .
    Beside, I always feared the time when English youth would have stopped learning from the old English knowledge and would only “discover” the world through the US media steamroller for people who believe what they are told by they masters . And, sorry, but only Americans, who only know France through clichés from 1900 and 1950, clichés which find their validation in the fact they are endlessly repeated by every brainless Yank, only them believe that sacrebleu does still exist . Usually, Brits have a more recent knowledge about their neighbours, so I guess you’re from this unfortunate generation who started learning more from screens than from books or from actual journeys .

    1. Thanks for the response. In fact, you’ve raised some really good points. It’s a shame that workers welfare aren’t the main focus of business. Trying to pass similar change in the UK would cause big businesses to start rebelling. You’re right in saying that the world seems to assume its views through American-tinted glasses. In fact, I think I will actively look for a wider range of sources in future. In England, we’re constantly bombarded with US media. For once, it might be good to look a little further than Uncle Sam. It’s interesting the way each country has it’s own outlooks on events. I know, from listening to the radio – whenever there are strikes in France that affect travel, there is always negativity around them – never actually knowing why there are strikes. The UK itself is split over Europe at the moment.But I can see the benefits of such organisations as the EU. It has it’s downfalls, but exchange of cultures, collaboration and learning from experiences. Learning from each other.

      1. I never needed the EU to travel, read, watch movies, to learn from other cultures . The EU doesn’t serve this goal, it’s a political machine which does its best to serve Wall Street by destroying without provoking a revolution all our fathers’ social conquests, like health care, retirement pensions and work collective regulations .
        In France when workers struggle frightened the bourgeoisie enough, a law reduced the daily work time to 10h . The press was full of alarming yells saying that the national economy would collapse . And it’s been the same for hollydays, 48h weeks, etc…
        In 1944, as French rich class had made money with the Nazis ( just like GW Bush grand dad ), as the people coming out of the maquis were all in arms with their slogan ” From resistance to revolution”, the world of finance prefered granting a lot to avoid the revolution . That’s where modern French “priviledges” originated from . There were 4 complete revolutions in France,1789, 1830, 1848, 1871, plus a lot of attempts from 1880 to 1968 . So our parasite thieves knew they’d better beware . To avoid a new French revolution in 1944, the US used de Gaulle, and the USSR used Thorez, the CP leader who had spent the war in Moscow . The US , still not strong enough had been terrified in 1918 by the Spartakist revolution in Berlin, which failed but not because of the CIA . Only the German Socialist Party official leaders prevented a real revolution and executed Rosa Luxemburg . Stalin’s USSR on the other hand, has always done its best to prevent any socialist revolution anywhere, as we could see from 1926 China to May 1968 France . So in 1944 they sent Thorez back to France in emergency, for him to use the prestige of the ” Party” . He did his Tour de france saying ” Come on comrads, drop your guns, we can’t ask for too much, the time is not ready for a revolution, the comrad Stalin doesn’t want it” .
        What I write is not the tale that’s been told to all, but every detail and document are findable . The thing is you have to work by yourself to meet this sort of informations .
        And about your vow of workers welfare to be the main focus of business, it’s a joke . Mainly nowadays, when the old species of paternalist capitalists have vanished to be replaced by cold blood mass murderers whose gangs are no less than the US army or the Red Army, since the People doesn’t know anything and believes like herds of blind sheep .

      2. I’d like to say a big thanks for all your information. It’s been great to here all what you’ve told me. Thanks again for commenting, and feel free to check back again. You never know, I might find some ‘non-american’ sources. ;)

  2. Always wrong facts about France in masochist Americans’ posts . First it’s not 6 but 5 weeks holydays . Always worthy to exagerate a bit to attack the French . Then this 35h has been destroyed in many working fields, derogations, special clauses, when from the very beginning it was only effective for half of the workers . Result : now maybe a third work 35h . But in the Anglosphere this myth is as real as the 2 hours lunch everyday and the beret .
    Then, the troubles for Google and Facebook don’t come from that . They were making money in France being based in capital friendly banana lands, so no French taxes and no French working laws to protect their slaves . Beside, Google and such sell their users private infos to commercial enterprises, hence spams and ad attacks . We can’t stand that in the name of justice for the majority .
    The last time “sacrebleu” was said seriously by some frenchman was in the end of the XIXth century . Each time I read “sacrebleu” in a US post I know it comes from a bloke who doesn’t know a thing about France but who’s been formatted to bash .

    1. I am sorry if you were at all offended. I stand corrected on the holiday count. Please feel free to enlighten further – it’s interesting to hear about the topic. By the way, we’re English.

      Thank you for commenting.

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