The Green Apple? Tim Cook Wants To Leave The World “Better Than We Found It”

It’s the same mantra that every multinational company is chanting at the moment – ‘we’re going green for the environment’… Apple is no different. Tim Cook has put into practice, what he mentioned during last month’s shareholders meeting, on recycling and Apple’s impact on the environment.

Lisa Jackson VP of environmental initiatives told the AP:

“use all our innovation and all of our expertise to make the planet more secure and make the environment better.”

With climate change being one of the greatest problems to face the world in the 21st century, it might be easy to by cynical of a single companies attempts to ‘better’ the world; especially when there is a glossy video narrated by Tim Cook himself.

Apple’s four data centres in the US all use renewable energy and Apple claims a 169% increase in use of renewable energy within its facilities. 100% of its data centres.

Plus, its campuses use 86% renewable energy too. These sources include solar, wind and geothermal – with most energy being produced onsite.

The technology industry has a lot to clean up – it’s not exactly eco friendly.


All those data centres and manufacturing facilities take up a lot of power. With the demand for devices growing, it will be a race to see who can produce the most eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

But is all this really for the benefit of the Earth? Or is it a PR stunt to play on our growing social-enrivornmental conscious?