Dishing The Dirt: ‘Shameful’ Atari Cartridges Found

The  mythical legend surrounding Atari’s ET game have turned out to be mostly true.

The rumour goes (according to Wikipedia), that Atari had sent all its copies of the unsold E.T the Extra-Terrestrial to a landfill in New Mexico. The specific site picked, because rubbish was crushed nightly and scavenging was not allowed.

The game later became the stuff of legends, its mass burial site unknown and never confirmed… Until now!

A Microsoft film crew discovered the hoard, whilst filming its first Xbox only documentary:

“We can safely report that those long-buried cartridges are actually, 100 percent there.” Xbox Wire

The documentary is literally called Atari:Game Over.

ET signalled the beginning of the end for Atari as a major games company. Launched in 1982 on the Atari 2600, the game flopped and overproduction left millions of copies unsold. 

Major Nelson visited the site and told cameras that the games had been dumped by developers out of “shame”.


Was it really that bad?