The Windows XP Bug We’ve All Been Dreading

If you’ve ignored countless advice, recommendations and suggestions to ditch Windows XP (bless it’s soul), in turn for a newer operating system; then today might be a bad day for you.

Take action, heed our warning now; because Microsoft has just discovered a new security exploit that leaves Internet Explorer from 6 through to 11 vulnerable to hackers.

Security firm, FireEye, indicate that the vulnerability allows hackers to remotely control your computer by gaining access to your memory. There is some good news, the majority of attacks seem to be targeted at IE 9-11, but Windows XP is still a massive, sitting, defenceless duck, in a sea of really big sharks.

Microsoft has already planned updates for its newer operating systems to cover the exploit, and suggests enabling Enhanced Protection Mode if you’re running IE 11 on Windows 7 for x64-based systems and all Windows 8 machines. Sadly, for all you XP users, Microsoft ended support two weeks ago. You’re going in alone. 

Please, if you still live in the stone age…Upgrade. You could always just use another browser I suppose…