Does Steve Jobs Have ‘One more thing’?

Can you imagine a future where Apple owns search? Hmmm, I’m trying… I’m trying… No. I can’t really imagine it. Well, Former Intel VP paints a future where Apple does just that, owns search.

Jobs’ famous last line of any presentation: “one more thing”, always left the audience on the edge of their seats. Now we might get that same feeling, just with a hint of supernatural.

A retired VP from Intel, Avram Miller, has revealed on his blog that he knows about one of Apple’s most closely guarded projects… Found. He also suggests that Apple’s long lost co-founder will also take to the stage, in a beyond the grave speech on the project.

His claims come as some of the most provocative (and slightly ludicrous) since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Miller claims that Jobs was bent on avenging Apple’s iOS after Google moved into mobile with Android. Found was his way of getting back at the search giant.

Miller goes on to say that Cook was forced to promise that he’d continue work on Found, even after Jobs’ death. Miller was once a major player, and his previous position would put him in a good stance to offer light on any upcoming Apple work. However, it seems far fetched to suggest that Apple’s late co-founder would appear on stage, in a pre-recorded presentation to reveal found in 2015.

What is Found? Well, we can’t be entirely sure. But we can tell that it was during the great iOS-Android war, whilst Eric Schmidt was still on the Apple board. It’s likely that the project involves artificial intelligence, Siri and search. Rumours suggest that Siri may play an integral part in the search tool and stands rival to Google Search. Miller also hints at a fully repurposed Siri, more of a replacement. Miller writes as if he’s seen the future, claiming the upcoming launch to be blockbuster and will lead to a 30% drop in Google Stock.

Ok. Let’s take a breather and step back. A lot to take in. All this is rather speculative and must be taken with a pinch of salt. Steve Jobs present into from beyond the grave? It’s a spooky concept, but amazing too. You’d ask the question, if this is the next best, most awesome software ever, why hasn’t it been leaked? Apple’s track history is littered with leaks and this would be the first signs. Even if it can beat down the glory’s of Google, it would be crazy to suggest Apple could take Google’s market share. But then again, that’s Apple… Crazy.