Xbox Live To Stop Forcing Users To Cough Up Cash For Services

Multiple sources from within Microsoft have been cited by Ars Technica, revealing that you might no longer have to pay to access features such as Netflix and Hulu on your console.

Microsoft has apparently met, and decided that they might stop users from requiring an Xbox Live Gold membership to access services such as Netflix, which they separately pay for also.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One users should apparently see the change very soon, and is likely to be an announcement made at E3.

However, it won’t all be fine and dandy. Microsoft is reportedly¬†going to do some jigging around, and will move other services behind a paywall to compensate. Now, it’s not confirmed if these are existing services, or if they are new services yet¬†to be released. Possibly, Microsoft might only allow XBL Gold members to view their upcoming TV series published to Live.

Details have come to light as Microsoft negotiates its June 9th E3 expo; so details are subject to change and aren’t guaranteed. The only certainty and guarantee… We won’t have Don Mattrick’s irritating presence on stage. I suppose there are a few reasons to rejoice.