WWDC: Apple Might Try To Control Your Home

Brace yourself, WWDC is just over a week away, and those rumours are on their way…

It seems that Apple might turn its attention towards our homes next week, as the company readies itself for its annual developers conference. Usually, the normal lineup would include Mac OS X, iOS and possibly Mac, but now it seems that Apple could be hellbent on changing how we interact with our homes.

Making it easier and more simplistic to set up lights, smart thermostats and appliances; the system would debut alongside changes to iOS and Mac OS X.

Reports indicate that it will be able to detect when an iPhone has entered a room, and turn on lights etc. accordingly. Reported by the Financial Times, the system would be controlled by an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. Changing for the better, Apple might make its system available to third-parties through the ‘Made for iPhone’ label.

Apple already sells smart home-applainces.

Not until now has Apple made a leap into the smart appliance market. It would mark a change in the companies strategy, and a, possible, refresh for Tim Cook.

One week and counting… Time will tell.