Battlefront 3 Feels The Force At E3: OMG Amazing!

My inner geek has waited for the day, when we could finally begin proper discussion surrounding Battlefront 3. That day as most definitely arrived. 

2013 saw the release of a 34 second teaser trailer by EA, exposing a mere drop in the ocean of game play that will finally await.

This year, EA has improved its pre-E3 conference, not dramatically, but enough for us to get a good feeling for up coming titles. Of course, we had more focus on 2014 titles such as: Fifa 15 and Battlefield Hardline. But for me, it was the two minutes of Battlefront that made the evening.

Interestingly, little trivia here, Battlefront was originally intended to be a Star Wars clone of Battlefield and now we’ve got Battlefield developers working on Battlefront, I think it’s safe to say they’ll play quite similarly.

The trailer doesn’t reveal any state secrets. Far from a ‘trailer’ of game play in fact. What’s most surprising is that it seems the new films will be excluded from the game, meaning you’ll have to cough up further cash when another title is spun out. Unless… DLC? All hope on getting the new films into the game is not lost. The trailer does ask us to check back in 2015, after the films have been launched. You never know…

DLC or no DLC, the lack of the new films might only be a small niggle. As shown in the trailer, there’s been a lot of effort put into this next game. The accuracy looks outstanding and the attention to detail, well… They actually went into a snow tundra. How more realistic can you get?

For me, this is just one pinnacle moments of E3 that will have me wondering for a long time. Star Wars fanatic would be an understatement. Battlefront 1 and 2 gripped me and I’ve grown up, engulfed by the Star Wars ecosystem. This Battlefront 3 will, hopefully, be a new twist on an always amazing storyline.


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