Not So Warm Reception To Glass in UK: Banned in Cinemas

Well, it’s not even been a week and the companies here, in the UK have decided to slap a big-old ban on those new fangled Google Glasses.

Google launched Glass in the UK for a hefty £1,000 last week and now cinema companies across Britain are set to ban them inside the auditoriums.

UK regulators clarified that Glass wouldn’t receive ‘special measures’ in relation to UK data law and that there wouldn’t be special rules brought in. However, it seems that UK “explorers” might be penalised for wearing them inside cinemas in fear or piracy.

Cinema chains, including Vue and Odeon, are privy to guidance from the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association (CEA); which is saying:

“Customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums, whether the film is playing or not”

Wearers will be asked to remove the head-gear before entering the cinema screen. This has raised a few complaints from Glass users and has pointed out that physical limitations prevent them from ‘pirating’ an entire film. Google admits that glass is “a fairly lousy device for recoding things secretly”, due to its lit up display and 45 minute recording limit.

Users have instead asked that cinemas treat Glass like mobile phones and ask they are turned off after the lights dim. Seems sensible.

Again, this looks like a knee-jerk reaction to the new possibilities that Glass will offer to users. I’ve changed my stance on Glass now, understanding that it does have limitations and realising that most of this technology already exists everywhere today. We’re constantly being filmed, if not by CCTV, by somebody else. I think it is the idea, more than anything, that is proving difficult for people to get to grips with.

The saga continues…