Hasbro Embraces The Great Fandom: Selling 3D Printed Fan Art

Hasbro has embraced the Fandom kingdom and has opened its toy world to those willing to create their own mock-up toys.

Hasbro has teamed up with Shapeways to launch a website named ‘SuperFanArt‘, allowing you to buy and sell 3D printed toys based on current Hasbro brands.

The sky is the limit (sort of), produce any 3D design, sell it and have others buy it. Although, you are currently limited to producing¬†My Little Pony products; with other brands arriving in “coming months”.

It will be interesting to note the quality of these prints, based on feedback, current Hasbro figurines are lacking in quality finish – maybe the community can do better?

For me, forget the ponies, weird desk ornaments and dodgy figures. Wait till we see some Star Wars products… FanArt to the extreme!