President Vader of The Imperial USA

As histories go, Darth Vader’s is pretty messed up. Murdering of his wife, destroying the Jedi and wanting to kill his son – it is an interesting past. Nonetheless, it seems that US citizens would love to have this Sith Lord as their next President in 2016.

A poll conducted by FiveThirtyEight this week revealed American’s opinions of Star Wars characters compared to current 2016 presidential candidates.

JarJar Binks, the Gungan from Naboo, sat at the lowest rating out of all of the Star Wars cast; settling at -8 net favourability. Nevertheless, this trumps US Congress – who has dipped to -65 since 2005.

Both Joe Biden and Barrack Obama have lower ratings than Emperor Palpatine, the Sith Lord who personifies all evil in the Saga. Which might tell you something about politicians today.

The only close contender in the race is Hillary Clinton, on +19 net favourability – however she does tie with the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett (who is also responsible for several murders and freezing Han Solo).

Excluding all the obvious, goody-two-shoes, characters – Darth Vader (apprentice to Palpatine) would be in serious contention for the Oval office. Luke Skywalker would be a man of the people, with 90+ net favourability.

It seems your average American feels that today’s politicians are so disillusioned with reality, that they’d rather be governed by a Sith Lord who was responsible for blowing up a planet and slaughtering thousands. I suppose that is nothing compared to Obama Care…



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