Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WORLD PREMIERE Review

It’s that time of the year where Call Of Duty fans are gearing up for the Multiplayer World Premiere, where we will see the Pros play the new online features in the new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

This year’s event show cased the latest improvements to the COD Multiplayer service by adding new futuristic weapons, amazing new exoskeletons, new robots and ground breaking graphics.

1: The Multiplayer trailer shows some amazing new machines, weapons and kill streaks.

2: The exoskeleton has added a whole new movement mechanic with boost jumps, dashes and a new attack.

3. Kill streaks can now be shared with other players as well as crazy new streaks.

4. New character makers allows the player to design their own player with their own weapons and armour.

5. The new maps look more realistic than all the other maps in the other games with all new in-game mechanics and graphics.

6.  New game modes and old modes revamped to make gameplay even better.

7. And an all new Day Zero Pre-order that allows you to get the game a day early with double XP and all the Pre-order extras.

Overall, Call Of Duty Advance Warfare is an amazing game that players will love, but I personally think that the game looks a lot like Halo; with its new weapons and character customisation. Even though  it may look like Halo, I will give this game a 10/10 for its amazing graphics, 10/10 for its awesome new mechanics and over all 9/10 because this COD looks unbelievable. (Slightly COD fanatic).

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