The Secret War Has Begun: Twili Linux Project Goes Private.

The development of any OS is hard, but why have the team working on Twili Linux Project gone for the private approach?

The last news we had about the Twili Linux Project was that the project had restarted with some new developers to add to their team. But after 4 months no news has been released as the project has become private.

The team currently working on the Twili Linux Project have made a Phabricator group were they can edit and add changes to the OS online, instead of sending the files to each other.

After trying to login to the page several times, it seems only the developers can access the group page. This is leaving new excited developers unable to access the project and fans unable to see how far the project is to completion.

One enthusiastic developer wrote on their Reddit page:

comment on reddit So how far along is the Twili Linux Project and is it helping them by privatizing the project?

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