iPhone 6 Slip Up Could Mean Reduced Availability

You could have almost certainly said that the iPhone 6 will launch in September, next month. However, that statement has just become a little bit ambitious.

Apple plans to hold an event on the 9th September, marking the release of the next iPhone. Until now, we expected a trouble free launch for the iPhone 6; but it seems that Apple might have just run into a snag with backlit displays.

Apple has faced problems with the larger 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays, with setbacks from the first day of development. Now Apple has only themselves to blame as the iPhone 6 faces shortages in stock.

Apple has consistently pushed for the iPhone 6 to be the thinnest possible, meaning they compromised on the number of layers for the back-light film – only using one instead of the standard two. This, we believe, created a display that wasn’t bright enough and meant Apple had to stop production between June-July. Forcing Cupertino to go back to the drawing board, days of production were lost and consequently means that Apple will have a smaller supply of the new iPhones this September.

Apple won’t want to rush and ruin the production of the iPhone – otherwise they might overlook other faults, such as those found in the iPhone 5 on delivery in 2012.


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