iPhone 6 Bendgate: The Apple That Turns Into A Banana

Got yourself one of those snazzy new iPhone 6 or 6 Pluses? Cool eh? I bet you’ve spent the weekend cruising through the new features and giving your new smartphone a little test run. But there’s a secret hidden feature you might not have discovered… It Bends.

It’s Apple’s fastest selling iPhone, clearing out a staggering 10 million units by the end of the weekend.  Apple’s new iPhone sports a radical (by Apple’s standards) new design. Measuring in at only 6.9mm thick and 7.1 for the larger model. If you’d been debating putting your new iPhone 6 in a rugged case – you might want to think  twice.

It’s been reported by angry users that their new iPhones have suffered serious bend gate issues following excessive sitting… And standing. The force applied by your trouser’s pocket might be (over time) enough to bend the aluminium casing. The larger iPhone 6 Plus is more prone to this phenomena – mainly due to its larger surface and thinner casing. Users reported bending below the volume rocker and by a noticeable amount.

Various media outlets have tested this theory, with only a few noting the same bend; it is therefore unknown if Apple will make an official statement in response to the problem.

Just be careful if you’re the proud owner of a currently straight iPhone. By a case and make sure you don’t test the question: ‘does it bend?’