New Lenovo Yoga Trio, Hopes To Satisfy Even Those Flexible Desires

Lenovo has decided to out three new iterations of its Yoga tablet family; the  Yoga 3, Yoga Tablet Pro 2, and the Yoga Tablet 2.

Lenovo has attempted dominating the tablet market with the older Yoga device, but is now proving its worth and putting its knowledge into three new lineups – all in attempt to break the market stalemate that now exists.


All three Yoga devices are set to attract a different consumer. Most noticeably is the joint strategy of going for traditional laptop users and those who would prefer a more tablet experience. The Yoga 3 is a Windows convertible laptop, actually, it is claimed to be the world’s thinnest convertible. The new ultra-slim 13 inch PC features a patented ‘watchband’ hinge and allows the device to be thinner than a pencil and 14% lighter. The hinge allows for multiple angle usage and is a clear eye grabber in terms of looks. Hinge design, which can be extremely dull, has been completely rethought and is a refreshing change to see in a laptop. Featuring the latest Intel Broadwell processors, its 1.1GHz chip might seem slow, until you realise the size of the thing. Lenovo also packed in integrated Intel HD 5000 graphics and 8GB RAM. The built-in Lenovo Harmony software automatically adjust the audio, motion control and touch settings based on the position of the laptop and current app being used. A 512GB SSD and a whopping 3200X1800 QHD+ display means that it is definitely not a boring machine. And for all the flexibility and ‘wow’, is a suitable price tag; coming in at £1,299.


The more traditional scoped, ‘tablet’, is the Yoga 2 and  Pro 2. The Yoga Pro 2 features a 13 inch display, 8 megapixel rear camera and a solid 15 hour battery. But that’s not all. This can now act as your media hub. The Pro 2 has an 8-watt sound system (with its own subwoofer) and a new 16:9 projector. Yes. A projector.

Built into the hinge of the kickstand, the projector and sound system combo lets you create your cinema experience – all from a tablet. Lenovo says the high resolution projector will work on any surface up to 50m from the tablet. Snazzy… The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will start an iPad-busting price of £449 for the 32GB model.

Finally, the Yoga 2 tablet makes an entrance in Lenovo’s lineup. Coming in the same physical design as the previous models – available in 8 inch and 10 inch models – but allows for the user to choose between an Android or Windows experience.

An improved kickstand includes a new ‘hang’ mode allowing you to hang it on whatever you see fit. Boasting an 18 hour battery and Dolby Audio, these machines are beasts. The Yoga 2 has yet to receive a price.

We haven’t seen such a full suite of features to make a device so complete in a long time. They can easily transform from a work to play toy within seconds, and have the added benefit of allowing the user to choose their flavour of OS. Lenovo has launched a lineup of tablets and convertible machines that place it in a suitable position to dominate on several fronts, and that’s what it plans to do. If marketing lives up to the products, Lenovo could have itself a winner.