ModMCdl: Back on Twitter After Hack

On the 5th of October ModMCdl, the group behind BronyOS, reported that their system had been hacked.

But now there’s good news…

Today ModMCdl tweeted:

So what happened?   After reporting on the hack, ModMCdl posted on their website a list of things that had been compromised. Here’s the list:

  • Project: RRM & Project: Citadel (My entire AppData folder is missing).
  • ModServ (Once again, AppData Missing).
  • Modular Physics album release will be pushed back to mid-2015
  • A few stray files from BronyOS are scrambled; mainly the security ones.
  • I lost the edit of the first episode of Science Fiction Explained :( (MUST REFILM)
  • A lot more unimportant systems were compromised.

Sadly, lots of files and hard work had been damage and will have to be remade. As you can see there are lots of projects ModMCdl are currently working on, some that you may not have known were in progress.

Find the latest news about BronyOS and other projects at:


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