Android 5.0: The New Face Of Android

Google’s revealed its new flavour of the Android sweet, with Android 5.0 – previously known as lollipop.

Google has implemented visual changes in 5.0 across the entire system. The introduction of fluid, 60fps, animations throughout the system means that the user should experience a less jittery smartphone/tablet. In itself, this would’ve been enough visual pleasantry to satisfy even the most pedantic; however Google didn’t stop there. The addition of a new Android-wide design language labelled ‘Material Design’, means that Android has received a new modern look. Google has built a whole load of motion into 5.0, everything moves and the OS feels like it is a living – moving being.


In some ways Google is slightly late to the animation party. But in many ways, it’s so much more than what Google’s competitors have achieved. The new fluid animations allow for better, tangible, interactions with services such as Messages and allows for a whole suite of functions.

An impressive battery saving mode has also been added, meaning some older devices will get a new lease of life. In tests, Google claims that the battery saving mode can give users an extra 90 mins of use. Notifications are now also changeable. Notifications appear on the lock screen and in the notification bar. These lock screen notifications can be as detailed or brief as the user would like. And little things like using one finger to pull down notifications, instead of two, make this update a little more appealing.

Whereas Apple has cracked security with Touch iD, Android has a harder issue – with the ensuring broad security across all its different devices. But Google is making attempts to keep our stuff more secure with BlueTooth trusted devices on Motorola phones. If your trusted bluetooth smart watch, headset is within range of the phone, the lock screen will be deactivated. Tweaks to Face unlock to make the process faster and more reliable also make their way into Android 5.0.


So, has your appetite been wetted by Android 5.0? If so, you shouldn’t have to wait that long. Nexus devices and the new Nexus 6 will receive the update in early November. Third party manufacturers are a little more uncertain. HTC and Sony have promised to release the update within 90 days of receiving it from Google. Whereas Samsung has given no suggestion it will release 5.0 any time before 2015, as it tweaks the experience with its own TouchWIZ software.

It’s a fractious launch for 5.0, but patience will certainly deliver. Keep an eye on those update notifications and one eye on the manufacturer and you’ll surely be rewarded, soon.