Mac Malware Threatens iOS

Malware and China are two words that seem to end up in the same sentence quite often. This time, the Mac is at the centre of a new attack that is also threatening Apple’s mobile devices too.

WireLurker is a piece of malware that has been attacking Macs in China for the past 6 months. This piece of malware is the largest attack yet, to infiltrate the Mac via a rogue Trojan-horse app on OS X.

These apps can be downloaded from the third-party Chinese App Store, Maiyadi and it’s been recorded that these apps have been downloaded over 350,000 times already. The malware can then be transferred onto an iOS device connected to the computer via USB.

Your miseries aren’t over yet. Once the malware is embedded, it will read through all your iMessage conversations and snag your phone book. It’s the first iOS breach that acts like a traditional virus and can auto-generate infected software. We aren’t sure of the malware’s end goal, but either way it isn’t pleasant.

Cupertino has advised that users don’t connect their devices to unfamiliar computers and that they only download apps from trusted sources. Apple has taken action against suspected apps by blocking them from accessing most devices, but this won’t safeguard you totally.

It’s slightly embarrassing for Apple, who claims their ‘virus free’ ecosystem is impenetrable.