Steam Enters Streaming Market: Who’s Watching You?

In a move to take on the likes of Twitch, the popular digital games service known as Steam launched a streaming service for its users.

Valve, the owners behind Steam, have launched a suite of features and privacy settings that allow users of Steam to stream their game play and allow their friends to watch in on the action too.

Steam boasts 100 million users, and receives nearly double the traffic than its competitors, Twitch.

The new streaming services can be accessed through three main paths. The first is the Community Hub in the Steam Client, allowing users to view a list of currently streamed games and jump in on the action. Secondly, users can search their friends list and can view their friends gameplay via the subsequent menus. Lastly, you can also view some gameplay when you’re invited to do so by another user.

_79487242_36f8571f-fb0f-4ca8-9d96-fb13e073943bSeveral issues around privacy (as they always are) have been raised. Especially allowing people to jump in and watch your game without invite. But fear not, Steam has overcome this and implemented privacy settings which allow users to decide who can watch them slaughter zombies and conquer worlds.

Note, to point out. Users can’t save broadcasts and their is no monetisation. However, rejoice, there are no adverts during the broadcast.

It’s good news for those who use Steam. For the moment, Twitch is likely to remain top dog in terms of streaming. It’s user base is loyal and users love being able to make cash from their time gaming. However, watch this space. We’ve got a lot of competition, Steam is new to the block and those like YouTube and Twitch have got their eyes on the big prize. Will there be room left to breathe?