Gaming Heritage : Two Decades Of PlayStation

The last 20 years have seen evenings filled with maddening fun, friends joined together in battle against dark forces and plain simple gamers getting down with the action. All this has entered around the force that Sony has offered in the entertainment market, in the form of PlayStation.

Since 1994, over 100 million PlayStation 1, 150 million PS2 and 57 million PS3 units have been sold. It was the original console and now stands as the most popular games console of all time.

Sony launched its latest version of the PlayStation last year, known as the PS4. So far, selling 15 million units, the PS4 has dominated the next-gen gaming industry. An industry that is becoming increasingly hard to compete in. Mobile games and the resurgence of PC gaming threatens the existence of the console, with some predicting its last ‘hoorah’ is imminent.


Despite this, Sony has bucked the trend and managed to sell PS4s like hotcakes. And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, Sony commissioned a limited edition PS4. And it looks amazing. Covered in the original grey pain, patterned faceplates and the retro PS logo – there will only 12,300 made. It’s a blast from the past and Sony’s worked that nostalgia to its advantage. Effectively, you could own a piece of Sony history if you pre-order your limited edition PS4 on Saturday 6th December, shortly before they all ran out.


Now the only way of getting hold of one of these babies would be via our good friends at eBay (or any other similar site). You might have to pray to a few gods and make a sacrifice; because bidding on one of these doesn’t guarantee you a purchase. Resale prices are already racking up $20,000.

In some form or another, here’s to another 20 years of PlayStation.