Amazon Glitch Means Christmas Came Early

Last Friday, Christmas came early to those who shopped on Amazon’s UK store. Between the hours of 7pm and 8pm, thousands of marketplace products were discounted. However, this bargain buster wasn’t entirely planned.

A price glitch caused thousands of products to be advertised at 1p. That’s right, £0.01 – one pence. An error with the Repricer Express service that Amazon uses to adjust its prices daily, meant that product’s prices were incorrectly adjusted.

Amazon says that the fault was remedied pretty quickly and that the ‘vast majority’ of purchases that were made will be cancelled.

Following the shambles, Amazon has said it will communicate with sellers – who aren’t too happy that thousands of pounds worth of stock has been sold for a measly penny. Amazon said it will also look into the eligibility of orders made by customers. In other words, your bargain might no longer be such a bargain.

Shame. It was too good to be true.