2014: A Year of Change

Change, this year has seen a lot of it. Technology has changed, the focus is continuing to push towards the wearable market, the next-gen consoles don’t seem too next-gen now and lets not forget extreme market turbulence (looking at you Apple and Samsung). Gadget Nibble hasn’t been immune from such transitions either – with the last of our beloved mascots, Boog, departing us. As we go into 2015, things are going to keep changing.

2014 has been a fun year, we’ve reached amazing goals and built up an awesome community so far. YouTube has thrived and our presence on social media is still growing. We’ve gained the most subscribers yet in a few months on YouTube and our videos, despite our meagre standing, are being watched all around the world.

However, it hasn’t been a joy ride all the way. In 2014, Oliver and myself went from secondary school into college. Things have heated up. We’ve been flung right in the centre of a whole heap of work, of course, that’s the point of college – but it means inevitably less free time for Gadget Nibble. College is great, its freedoms and amazing subjects, but it pains me that we haven’t updated the website as we did at the beginning of the year.

2015 is going to be a make or break year for the team. We will need to sit and discuss the future direction we want to take Gadget Nibble. We’d love your support on this journey, and of course any advice too. This year has been fun, but we’ve also experienced losses. For us, the two furry pals that sat in our work office were part of the motivation to keep the site going. Naturally, it did hit morale after they left, but now we strive to continue Gadget Nibble for our love of technology, being geeky and in their remembrance. The team at Gadget Nibble is like a seriously twist family, but that’s how we work. It’s soppy, but true.

It leaves me just to say that we hope you all have enjoyed 2014. We’ve enjoyed sharing the experience with you and that you also have a brilliant start to 2015. We will see you on the other side!