Treyarch Hinting Call Of Duty Zombies Game

Could Treyarch be working on a Call Of Duty Zombies? We think so.

Today Treyarch tweeted what looks to be a teaser to a future Call Of Duty Zombies game.

In the tweet made by Treyarch they make referents to a big part of the COD Zombies mode “115” The chemical element said to have started the Zombie apocalypse. With Treyarch Welcoming back “115” there is a high chance that the much loved game mode will return as part of a Sub title or a Full title game. Zombies fans have been hoping for a full title game since the last DLC “Apocalypse” was released on Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 back in August 2013.

If a game was to be released this year we would start seeing teaser trailers, images or sound clips some were between mid-February to August were a full trailer should be available.