About Gadget Nibble

Gadget Nibble is a light hearted technology-geek blog: discussing news, commenting on topics and sharing tips, answering questions. Visit daily to check on our latest updates and keep following our social media to find out more.

On the 12th February 2013 at 20:35;  Tom, Oliver and James went on their Xbox and started talking about a crazy idea.  From there it grew, and a small technology blog, called Gadget Nibble, was born.

We are genuine geeks, through and through – so if you don’t like it – move on. We are students who love tech. We have a world of tech and geeky stuff to talk about, so sit back and relax. We offer a variety of nibble sized stories, game play reviews and vlogs. We need your support to help run our blog and would like to say thank you to all our followers.

For future reference (and to save on the corrections); we’re English. Not American. 

Happy nibbling.


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