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At Gadget Nibble we are constantly working to try and update you with the latest and greatest in technology and provide you, our reader with new ideas and individual opinions on hot topics. We hope you enjoy our content and that you visit our site often. If you’d like to contact us at Gadget Nibble you can do so on the following channels. Many thanks for visiting Gadget Nibble. Keep Nibbling.

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8 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi! I love ur website… its really nicely put… i am having some trouble with my website… i was wondering if u could help me… I want to show my posts to come under a specific page …. ive done all the category and page adjustments however it doesnt seem to work.. can u please help me since im using the same theme as u are.. my website is:

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. That’s the problem we first started with. It is really annoying, but WordPress doesn’t allow you to ‘post to pages’ or set posts to appear on pages. We overcame this by using categorises instead of pages, just as you mentioned. You can do this by creating categories for your specific posts (as if they were pages), then adding links to the categories. You can go into appearance>menu and add categories to the menu bar, then when people click that link it takes you to the category. Make sure to assign the category you want it to appear in when you write a post.
      This link talks about categories:
      This link talks about menus:
      Try this if all else fails, it tells you exactly how to do the above:

      Contact us again if you need any more help.

      1. hi =) I checked the info you gave Sakina, the info was helpful but can I ask for further help about my website. As you can see i tried your suggestion but its still not showing my posts and I tried applying other themes it still does not show my posts. Please help me.

    1. Hi, we’re glad you liked our website. Thanks for the feedback. We will be definitely doing more Minecraft videos soon and the texture pack speed art will be up within the next 2 weeks. We hope you found it interesting. Check out one of our other Minecraft videos on our channel:

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