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Treyarch Hinting Call Of Duty Zombies Game

Could Treyarch be working on a Call Of Duty Zombies? We think so.

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Will We See An 8 Inch Tablet From Google At I/O?

Since February, we have heard many rumours of a ‘premium’ 8 inch tablet from Google. Now, a new Digitimes report has surfaced claiming that, instead of the previously rumoured 8.9-inch form factor, the HTC tablet will offer an 8-inch display and will likely go by the name Nexus 8

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OnLive Reborn: The Cloud Is Your Limit

Heard of OnLive? No, didn’t think so. Cloud gaming has recently been made famous by Sony – who introduced cloud features alongside the PS4 – but OnLive was the original poster face for the cloud gaming campaign.

Now, a full year since its launch, OnLive has revamped its offering, proving you can finally play console games over the internet… And it’s called CloudLift.

Moving away from the model of: ‘download from out store & play only on our network’; OnLive has now partnered Steam to stream PC games for a $14.99 monthly fee.

Seems like OnLive are still trying to find their feet, offering a variety of services at different price points:

“We hope that we’ve got the right price for it. Time will tell.” – Rick Sanchez VP Product and Marketing

First off, it’s pretty limited. Due to its connection with the Steam interface – you do sync your saved games and DLC from wherever; but currently OnLive only has 20 games on its listing. Warner Bros. made it in, and has already offered some of the highly popular Lego games and Batman Arkham series titles – but don’t worry, if you’re not a Bat fan, “dozens more” games are on route.


OnLive works without tinkering with game code and now the game is simply streamed from a server to whatever you’re playing on. Gamers who are on a tight budget can also pay $9.99 to access a back-catalogue of older titles.

Sadly, as with any change, there is always a downside. OnLive doesn’t allow you to try games before signing up now, plus the HTML5 interface leaves a bad after taste. Nevertheless, you can still film “Brag ” clips for those short cinematic sequences of your friends head blowing up.

The real bonus, you can access this service anywhere. PC, Mac and Android. Truly, this is the future of gaming. No more discs, just a whole load of fun.

Apple Says TV Isn’t A ‘Hobby’: Big Cash To Be Had

We’ve heard it all before – yada-yada-yada… Just about time we had some actual ‘action’ from Cupertino, solid evidence that innovation might be round the corner. And that evidence might now be here.

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Minecraft: Best Gadget Nibble Builds Of 2013

In 2013 the Gadget Nibble team spent over 500 hours building (and rebuilding after Herobrine attacks) on Minecraft Xbox 360. We have  accumulated a whole catalogue of awesome builds, but here’s the best:

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A New Year, A New Oppurtunity. We’ll need you.

It’s that time of year again. A new year. January. It’s raining, cold and the wind bites. Howling conditions beat down at your windows, while you shelter on the sofa, a blanket of heat surrounds you. You’re warm and…

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The Biggest Failures of 2013

In a world of consistent scrutiny and global media, when you fail; you fail big. Modern technology companies, governments and communities are definitely not immune to a harsh failure here and there. Gaffes, mistakes, slip-ups; you name it – someone’s made an error along the way.

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