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Even More Juicy |100% Orange Juice Update

100% Orange Juice is getting its version 2.0 update in the coming days. Lets have a look at the change list:

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WORLD PREMIERE Review

It’s that time of the year where Call Of Duty fans are gearing up for the Multiplayer World Premiere, where we will see the Pros play the new online features in the new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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Destiny Beta: “Looking Awesome” Full Review

The most anticipated game of the year, “Destiny”, has had its beta debut; with thousands of people running to their consoles or PCs to download this ground breaking game. So what did we think of it?

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N.O.W Live: Warming Up For E3

Join us for a live commentary and coverage of Xbox at E3 along with a short N.O.W from Tom, Oliver and Aaron.

Live Event start at 5:45 BST.

Use #E3GN14 on Twitter and have your say.

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Ubisoft secret pony fans: Devs Hide MLP Key Rings In Cars

WHAT IS THIS I SEE? Is that the Great and Powerful TRIXIE?

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This Is Getting Old 4J… When’s The Next Minecraft Update Out?

I think we can all say that Minecraft, Xbox 360, has out-lived update 13.  We need a new update to the game, before we start a riot to against 4J… Where is Title Update 14? Why is it taking so long? And please, please, let there be something good on the way!

So what do 4J have coming in Title Update 14…

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Does Xbox Live Need More Customisation? Give The People What They Want.

With the Xbox One set to come out on the 22nd November and Microsoft adding, changing the workings of the console, will the Xbox Live dashboard be revamped to give the people what they want?


The Xbox Live dashboard has been updated over the years to make it look up to date and more user friendly. Back in October 2011 Microsoft added a dashboard update changing the look of the ‘dash’ to look more like Windows 8, adding a random loading ring that looked out of place from the start; along with a Metro UI. Since then smaller updates have been added and now the dashboard has more apps, sub -categories and Bing search engine, to find that long lost game or video. But with Microsoft adding only small updates , it has left the community asking for more to be added.

The community is asking to be able to upload their own picture to be used as there gamer picture (profile picture), to make their own background by uploading a picture, change what they want to see on the home menu, make their own clothes for their avatar, recommend games that the user will want to play and TO REMOVE THE ADS FROM THE MENUS!!!

All around the Xbox dashboard there are Ads popping out at the user trying to get them to click, but they are so out of date and are just getting in the way of the users dashboard experience. Before the Metro UI was added there were Ads but there was a lot less pain because they were placed at the end of a row in the game market place and in the video store, but now they are all over the place.

“I think that the Ads should only be shown if the user has not got an Xbox Live gold account” Tom from Gadget Nibble

With the community wanting Microsoft to change their plans for the dashboard, many in the community are now trying to mod and hack the console to make the dashboard their own, but now find themselves blocked by Xbox Lives hacking system. Locking them out of their account and stopping them from playing games.

I think that Microsoft need to listen to the community because the ‘dash’ is the starting point to find a new game or to load one. By removing the Ads and having a more customisable dashboard experience, players in the community will become happier.

So do Microsoft need to listen to the community or do they go alone and make more changes to the dashboard without the help of the fans?

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Apocalypse: The End is Here!!

Grab your Guns, Knives and Run for cover THE END IS HERE !!! The last map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is out now with guns firing and explosion all around as your team runs for cover.

cod apoc

The new Apocalypse map pack has 4 online multiplayer maps and the final zombies map that sees the start of how it ended life on Earth back in world war one with robots, the undead and ancient secrets, lost in time. Call of Duty’s multiplayer has millions of players online each day experiencing new and old maps to become the best in the world or to get to the top military rank.

The new online multiplayer maps are not the best as Treyarch has remade 2 “Fan favourite” maps from Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 (stadium) and Call Of Duty World At War (courtyard) with the new maps being renamed, given a HD texture and adding some new life into the old look. This has been seen before in Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 where they remade a online map called Cliffside, from a sea side cliff in Japan to a green golf course in Cuba and all zombies maps from Call Of Duty World At War.Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-Apocalypse-DLC-Preview-Video-shows-giant-robots-gameplay-1024x576

I think that the online multiplayer had it day back in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 where the online maps were the best and had the best game-play as a team where as in the new games they have just dragged it on with people hacking and competing for the top spot in addition, the zombies story line is one of the best things they added to the game with hidden secrets and mystery about what will happen to the main characters trapped in a world from hell. I give this map pack a 8/10 for The end of a great zombies story. Ty7711

The map pack cost 1200 ms points for Xbox or £10.00 for Ps3.