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Gadget Nibble 2014: Statistics

In 2014 large amount of Tech news was reported, from new devices to hacking and security fails. Lets take a look at what got you reading.

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2014: A Year of Change

Change, this year has seen a lot of it. Technology has changed, the focus is continuing to push towards the wearable market, the next-gen consoles don’t seem too next-gen now and lets not forget extreme market turbulence (looking at you Apple and Samsung). Gadget Nibble hasn’t been immune from such transitions either – with the last of our beloved mascots, Boog, departing us. As we go into 2015, things are going to keep changing.

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Happy Birthday Xbox Minecraft: 2 Years On…

On the 9th of May 2012,  Minecraft  was released for the Xbox 360. After months of waiting to celebrate, 4J Studios will be selling skin and texture packs half price  between the 9th and 11th of May. Continue reading Happy Birthday Xbox Minecraft: 2 Years On…

This Is Getting Old 4J… When’s The Next Minecraft Update Out?

I think we can all say that Minecraft, Xbox 360, has out-lived update 13.  We need a new update to the game, before we start a riot to against 4J… Where is Title Update 14? Why is it taking so long? And please, please, let there be something good on the way!

So what do 4J have coming in Title Update 14…

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Xbox Minecraft: 4J Studios Stop Breaking The Game… 13 Updates And It’s Still Broken!

As 4J Studios add more texture packs and more bug fix updates to the Xbox Minecraft game, does it make it work better? The simple answer NO!

minecraft ud 12Update 13 to the game was a bug fix to fix all the little things that were a problem in update 12, but as 4J add more bug fixes to the game they make more bugs breaking the game more and more. In the new update the player’s hand has been changed to make it move better but now looks like it has no power in using the tools and placing a block is made harder by the hand moving slow and flicking across the screen.

But out of all the changes in the new update 4J said that the lighting problem from the start of the game releases back in May 9th 2012 had been fixed for the 11th time but has it? No.  With more lighting problems, with shadows and seeing into buildings with black lines and black blocks in the sides of walls – its far from fixed.

So what has 4J done that has worked? They have fixed lots of little problems but have left the bigger one to stop the game from working at its best. After update 9 come out on the April 4th of this year it needed 2 more bug fixes before the game was finale updated to the 12th update which add more items and even more fixes to the game.

4J need to fix all the problems with the game before the next in-game update and fix all the problems with the next in-game update (14/15) before letting it out to the public because it is stopping people from playing the game with all the problems that it has.

4J are also making the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Vita Minecraft game. So will they be better or the same than the Xbox 360 or with more or less problems. Let’s hope for the fans with Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Vita that the game will work the first time round and not have lots of bug fixes.

Xbox 360 update information/bug fixes: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Xbox_360_Edition_version_history

N.O.W: Xbox Minecraft, PlayStation 4 release date and 5 year old’s with mobiles.

Hello all Ty7711 here with this weeks NOW video.

Well if we thought that the Xbox Minecraft update 12 was not coming soon we were so wrong. PlayStation 4 has a release date out but will the new PlayStation TV beat the Xbox One’s entertainment system and the madness with 5 year old’s with mobiles.

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Xbox Minecraft and the missing update 12… How long Now ?

The Xbox Minecraft fans have been waiting a long time for the 12th update to the game and people are getting impatient and 4J studio’s have still not released a date for the updated game.

List of added to game:

  • Ocelot/Cats
  • 3D items
  • Head: Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper (Creative Mode only)
  • Upside down stairs
  • Iron Golem
  • Baby Villager
  • Redstone Lamp
  • Jungle wood and blocks
  • Ocelot Spawn Egg
  • Chiselled Stone Brick (Creative Mode only)

Full list: http://playxbla.com/check-out-the-list-of-changes-additions-and-fixes-for-tu12-for-minecraft-xbox-360-edition/

minecraft ud 12

In the picture above for next update: Ocelot/cats, 3D items, heads.

The update went in to Microsoft testing for bugs and fixes for the newly added items to the game a week or-so ago now and the testers have not reported back on how it is doing. The update was confirmed a mouth ago and we only have a change list and information that it’s in testing. lets hope they are ready when they need to make the Ps4 and other Sony versions of the game. 4J studios sent out a tweet and they don’t know when it is coming.


How long until the next update is out. More information soon…