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1 Day To GO: “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

Just one day to go till DICE holds it’s 2015 Summit and Treyarch present “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

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Countdown to Zero Hour: Treyarch Hint Zombies

More news From Treyarch Studios about Call Of Duty Zombies.

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WORLD PREMIERE Review

It’s that time of the year where Call Of Duty fans are gearing up for the Multiplayer World Premiere, where we will see the Pros play the new online features in the new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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Doctor Who, 50 Years of the Time Lord: But I bet you didn’t know…


Doctor Who has sat at the heart of British entertainment and television for half a century. It’s influence and sway on the public has made most of us, time fantasising, alien loving and Dalek hating ‘Whovians’ (a fan cult of Doctor Who). Created and originally broadcast by the BBC on the 23rd November 1963, Doctor Who tried to take on the fascination and pose curious thoughts to those eager viewers, who’d only just seen President Kennedy assassinated the day before. Doctor Who took on a role of educating the British public about the wonders of space and time, during a period when nuclear war was feared and men raced to be the first into space. However, it’s base was firmly grounded on Earth, in the UK – it’s main audience was intended to be those families and children who wanted to sit down to TV and not just be wasted away, but engaged.

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Minecraft Survival Episode 1

Today James plays Minecraft survival (and fails). Watch to see what happens……
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This will be a weekly series, so survival videos will be up between Wednesday-Friday. :-)

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Don’t Forget The Older Generation… How Do I Make A Call ?

With Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other big company bringing out the latest smart phones have we left the older generation of people confused and puzzled on what phone to buy that would be simple to use.

nokiaNokia 3310 released in 2000

We have all had a Nokia brick as are first phone because it was simple to use and cheap to replace if lost or broken. But as time has gone on the simple brick has become a music playing, web surfing, gaming device that the younger generation understand and know how to use, were as older people “don’t know how to make a call” with a touch screen device that need to be plugged-in to a computer to add music and other thing that they may not need.

Here at Gadget Nibble the team all have different phones some older some newer but we still think that there should be a phone for older people, that is as simple with out all the music, web and games that are on a smart phone. On a trip out to a local phone shop to look at phone for a older family member, we were looking at  the small and simple phone when a shop assistant ask “if we need to know information on the new iPhone and android phones I can help” with no mention of who the phone was for or specification. Is it time for Nokia to bring back the brick for the older generation.

PRISM-Gate: The plot thickens


If you hadn’t heard enough lies, secrets and security bluffs, then hold a moment. It has now been revealed that leading telecommunications firms such as BT and Vodafone, including American Verizon wireless, willingly gave the UK government access to their undersea cables to spy on their customers.

BT and Vodafone handed over information to GCHQ, the UK cyber security centre, regarding users: calls, emails and messages. Some even disclosed Facebook entries; which has now been disclosed in a leaked Edward Snowden document.

The firms gave GCHQ unlimited access to their undersea network of cabling that carries a high percentage of the world’s Internet and phone calls. The Guardian newspaper revealed in June the extent of GCHQ’s ‘snooping’ programme. The project, code and Tempora, allowed them to hack into the fibre optic cables of users phone and broadband lines and store details for up to 30 days. This had been running for 20 months.

Germany’s Süddeutsche newspaper said they had received copies of the top secret PowerPoint that had detailed the firms working exclusively with GCHQ – to help access user data. The documents revealed the identity of firms and related to them in covert names such as: BT (“Remedy”), Verizon Business (“Dacron”), and Vodafone Cable (“Gerontic”). The other firms include Global Crossing (“Pinnage”), Level 3 (“Little”), Viatel (“Vitreous”) and Interoute (“Streetcar”).

It has been known that GCHQ had been tapping data for a long time. They’ve had nearly five years to do so. The security centre not only has a central location but places stations in Cornwall and other coastal resides where the transatlantic cables surface. Allowing them to tap into the Internet of millions and collect metadata as well as easily working with agencies in America, such as the NSA. It was known that GCHQ handles up to 600 million “telephone events” and throughout the 200 fibre optic networks available in the UK – GCHQ can be reading up to 46 at a time.

I say ‘reading’ because it seems that is all it is for these agencies. Now with the information generation it is obviously extremely easy to be watched or be the one watching and governments can’t resist. That said these companies will undoubtedly get stick from campaigners but they inevitably had no choice. In compliance with the 1984 Telecommunications Act, there wasn’t any choice. Although the mass censoring, mass snooping of citizens could arouse debate, but there needs to be a base level of control to ensure protection of lives remains key. What do you think? Is privacy something we have to give up for a safer society? Or are governments snooping in places they shouldn’t?