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The death of Google Glass? Maybe not…

Google is to end sales of its Explorer Glass hardware reports the BBC. 

Google is to end the its ‘beta’ sale of their Glass hardware, instead focusing on ‘future versions go Glass’. The Explorer version of Glass was a first attempt by Google at creating wearable smart glasses and launched in Summer 2013 for US consumers to buy.

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BronyOS: Alpha Testing Confirmed For January

It had been confirmed that ModMCdl will begin Alpha testing BronyOS in January.

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Destiny Beta: “Looking Awesome” Full Review

The most anticipated game of the year, “Destiny”, has had its beta debut; with thousands of people running to their consoles or PCs to download this ground breaking game. So what did we think of it?

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N.O.W: Moto X and the Rainbow of Colours

N.O.W: Moto X and the Rainbow of Colours

This week we experience every colour of the rainbow possible. The launch of the new Moto X by Motorola, gives us the opportunity to have a look at some of the new, and old, designs for the device. The current news regarding XBOX, is that everyone hates them. That said – Microsoft is still brave enough to announce a hardware spec change, months before. What do you think? And the new iPhone might see a fingerprint scanner added to the home button. Will your fingers be safe from thieves?

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N.O.W: Should Apple support devices longer?

This week we discuss the latest news, views and reviews to keep you entertained. Does Google need to begin encrypting your documents? Well they seem to think so. And we talk gaming with the Steam summer sale nearing an end. Do you know who broke the enigma machine? And does Apple need to support devices longer?

In the news, Google begins docs encryption to beat the NSA and now the iPhone 5S is expected later than thought. Find out to get all the answers…


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iOS 7 Beta 3 Hands On Review, What we think of the new look so far

Apple has had a busy few weeks since WWDC, this is the third iteration of their iOS 7 beta and we can expect more to come. So don’t judge this as a final build – things will change. Apple has given us a taster at what it would like to do next and where iPhone, iPad and iPod touch should move. But this is up for final change! Apple will have undoubtedly be sat watching for the developers to voice their opinions and sure they have. From a consumer point of view Apple didn’t drastically change anything – it would have been too confusing. But we get a nice few little hints and possibly the ability to soon be more creative with our iDevices. So watch our latest review of iOS 7 beta 3, make no judgements as of yet, but be sure to think about the direction Apple is heading with all their product lines; Mac included.