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Week 1: Up And Coming YouTube Channel “BethGray’s SFX Make Up”

This weeks Up And Coming YouTuber is “BethGray’s SFX Make Up

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N.O.W: Has Apple got the Beat?

This week’s N.O.W starts off a bit sad and solemn. :( Sorry, but we had to give you guys an update. We’re a bit tearful, but that’s life.
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N.O.W: There’s A New Boss In Town

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Apocalypse: The End is Here!!

Grab your Guns, Knives and Run for cover THE END IS HERE !!! The last map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is out now with guns firing and explosion all around as your team runs for cover.

cod apoc

The new Apocalypse map pack has 4 online multiplayer maps and the final zombies map that sees the start of how it ended life on Earth back in world war one with robots, the undead and ancient secrets, lost in time. Call of Duty’s multiplayer has millions of players online each day experiencing new and old maps to become the best in the world or to get to the top military rank.

The new online multiplayer maps are not the best as Treyarch has remade 2 “Fan favourite” maps from Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 (stadium) and Call Of Duty World At War (courtyard) with the new maps being renamed, given a HD texture and adding some new life into the old look. This has been seen before in Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 where they remade a online map called Cliffside, from a sea side cliff in Japan to a green golf course in Cuba and all zombies maps from Call Of Duty World At War.Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-Apocalypse-DLC-Preview-Video-shows-giant-robots-gameplay-1024x576

I think that the online multiplayer had it day back in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 where the online maps were the best and had the best game-play as a team where as in the new games they have just dragged it on with people hacking and competing for the top spot in addition, the zombies story line is one of the best things they added to the game with hidden secrets and mystery about what will happen to the main characters trapped in a world from hell. I give this map pack a 8/10 for The end of a great zombies story. Ty7711

The map pack cost 1200 ms points for Xbox or £10.00 for Ps3.

Internet Trolls and Death Threats: The Story of Twitter

It isn’t likely that those of you outside the UK have heard of the Twitter scandal that has rocked the nation’s online writer, broadcasters and journalists. But Twitter has been the centre of an ongoing battle between those touting for ‘free speech’ and those that are now victims of unacceptable abuse for the past week. But what is it all about?

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular micro blogging sites and has built its user base by the millions nearly every year.

Professor Mary Beard
Professor Mary Beard

Now Twitter sits firmly as one of the world’s most popular social networks, it has become flooded with information, users and sometimes their vile tweets. Inevitably if you use any social network, you must understand the e-safety and other aspects of online sharing. You can’t deny any of these facts and the fact is not everyone plays nice online. The internet and social media is full of users, out to upset others, those who want to annoy people or just ‘trolls’.

It isn’t common in today’s society that women face public and regular sexist abuse, but that’s what has apparently emerged from the Twitter scandal. The past week has seen several complaints made against both the site and general Internet ‘trolls’ that they’re comments are now going too far. In the last week arrest have been made after men were caught tweeting rape allegations to a Labour MP and recently Professor Mary Beard expressed her concern after receiving bomb threats through the social media site. Female reporters from the Guardian and the Independent both received similar threats. Attacks towards other people on social networks isn’t new, just look at any school aged user’s account and you’ll find squabbles and arguments. But these threats have been escalated and border on the extreme. You might ask yourself why you’d threaten somebody with a bomb on Twitter or rape. Normally that would give the game away and alert the entire world. Hence the fact these words are empty. By definition an Internet troll is somebody who deliberately annoys, upsets or targets people online – they don’t tend to then carry out their threatening garbage they post on the web.

But with Twitter over the past few weeks – the media and the public have picked up on a trend that has made the story a top headliner, something that isn’t just the usual Internet trolls. So far none of these threats have emerged as being true or neither have they actually been carried out; but the denominator is surprisingly clear. All of these perpetrators are men. This then brings the argument down to its core roots. Sexism. This maybe true in some cases, and women should not stand for abuse by men, no matter the circumstance. But we should seriously evaluate if women are the only victims in every case…

Twitter has always been a free and open community. So are many other sites and forums. But those who think it has always been peaceful, tranquil and harmonious are wrong. No social network is without its dark secrets, threats and accusations; made by both sexes. Sadly I believe the media have blown the entire case out of proportion and in the wrong direction. I do not condone these vile and malicious tweets. They in themselves are illegal. But the media has again, put emphasis on those in the public spotlight. TV presenters, journalists and politicians. How about the normal average person, teenager, child who maybe faces cyber bullying everyday or torments every minute? And these issues lay on both sides of the border, not just females as victims but males too. Prof Mary Beard commented last week, just as the threats had been made:

“Planned to be off Twitter, but I’ve had more threats this morning (rape and worse). It IS still going on. Tried to report to Twitter, failed.”

Her comment follows after users planned a boycott to demonstrate resilience against the vile threats they had faced on Twitter. Following mass media attention and calls from feminist campaigners, Twitter has added a report button to all its platforms following the reports. Mr Wang Twitter UK manager also stated:

“I personally apologize to the women who have experienced abuse on Twitter and for what they have gone through. The abuse they’ve received is simply not acceptable. It’s not acceptable in the real world, and it’s not acceptable on Twitter.”

Social networks around the globe will now be watching how Twitter responds to the issues at hand and how they can still ensure their service remains free. However I want to ensure that we can differentiate between ‘abuse’ and ‘death threats’ on Twitter. Many men, women and children will receive abuse online – and most of the time this can be dealt with in many simple ways: reporting the abuse, naming and shaming or simply defriending the perpetrator. But what some women have experience on Twitter is beyond normal abuse; threats of decapitation and murder and in every sense illegal and wrong. It was reported that only today (Monday), that Labour MP Stella Creasy received not just threats of rape – but sadistic photos telling her that she’d be murdered in the morning.

The Image sent to the Labour MP
The Image sent to the Labour MP

“There is no two ways about it, threatening to kill someone is a crime and that’s what I and other people have done and I hope other women who get these threats will do the same.” – Prof Mary Beard

Twitter and the other social media sites out their need to ensure that the correct procedures exist to protect all their users from abuse and threats. The police are now doing their part too, but sometimes this is too late. Sadly I think the stigma around such online ‘abuse’ and threats still means it can take a long time for them to be investigated – but due to the nature of the high profile victims, this had dramatically increased. Feminist campaigners, social media entrepreneurs, average Joe, all need to come together to tackle the issues of abuse and threats on the internet. It has taken a stray of high profile victims to alert the general public and companies of the damage than can sometimes be done by these internet trolls. It would ne naive to think we can get rid of all the trolls but simply having that barrier or system to deal with threats online to all genders needs to be put in place.

Sadly nowhere online is truly safe – and that is a key aspect to define at this point. It is not just Twitter that is in the hot waters but how people act everywhere online and the divides between what is the real world and the virtual world. Messages can be posted online, threats made, but the consequences bleed into the real world and this is this divide that society must bridge. It can’t be denied that misogyny and sexism is an issue, but the internet is for everyone – and everyone must address the issue.  No amount of campaigning for a single body will help improve social media for all, it is a shared problem that requires a shared response.


With the announcement by Twitter to incorporate their ‘Report’ button everywhere it means that at least for now users have a way of reporting vile hate. It will be interesting to see how other social networks respond. But the emphasis shouldn’t die away after the events have passed. Whatever an individual’s thoughts are, my hope is that everyone can come together to ensure that the internet isn’t a barbaric place. Social media has become a powerful tool and if, as a society, we can’t manage it and ensure that we’re safe online then at some point they might stop becoming threats.