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1 Day To GO: “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

Just one day to go till DICE holds it’s 2015 Summit and Treyarch present “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

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Countdown to Zero Hour: Treyarch Hint Zombies

More news From Treyarch Studios about Call Of Duty Zombies.

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DICE Announce Battlefield 4 Requirements


Battlefield 4 is one of the year’s most highly anticipated games, launching on the current generation of consoles as well as the next generation – EA and DICE hope it will give them a good footing for the next couple of years.

Developer, DICE, announced on its Twitter page the recommended specifications for PC gameplay, something that many games may now turn to as the cost of console gaming continues to rise. PC gaming hasn’t died off, it hasn’t really changed – but consoles are becoming more expensive and the cost of the games are rising. Therefore, I included, many gamers will be looking to find cheaper, alternative, methods of gaming – the PC has it all.

DICE has said users will need a minimum of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to play Battlefield 4 and 4GB RAM. But EA has already said that it would suggest gamers have Windows 8, with a minimum of 8GB RAM. Battlefield 4 is apparently optimised for the AMD hardware of the new consoles, thus it will perform slightly better on AMD PC processors and graphics cards.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz proccesor or AMD Athlon X2 2.8 Ghz
  • 4 GB of memory
  • AMD Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT graphics card
  • 512 MB of graphics memory
  • At least 30GB storage
  • Windows Vista SP2 32-bit

Recommended System Requirements

  • AMD six-core CPU or Intel quad-core CPU
  • 8 GB of memory
  • AMD Radeon HD 7870 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 graphics card
  • 3 GB of graphics memory
  • 30GB Storage
  • Windows 8 64-bit operating system

Battlefield 4 is set to release on October 29th and will be available on PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. The game will be available on the next generation consoles once launched. As one of EA’s biggest franchises and one of the industries most played games – Battlefield 4 has a lot to live up to. Being their first jump into the next generation of gaming, mean EA and DICE will need to ‘wow’ gamers. It has grown considerably in user base over the years and is now a main rival to the might Goliath of Call of Duty, who has been put under pressure by EA and smaller developers. Call of Duty has traditionally has the higher share of gamers, but the next generation is another ball game. We’ll see who comes out on top this time round.

Is The Steam Box Near?

Valve’s Co Founder, Gabe Newell appeared at DICE 2013 discussing the venture of PC gaming into the living room. Newell states that the Steam Box will have basic functionality with streaming to your living room TV. The Steam Box will be cheap, for a console costing under £63 ($100). Newell believes Apple are also making progression into living room entertainment. Newell constantly empathises the importance of the communities involvement.

For example, offering free to play games such as Team Fortress 2 the community produces most of the content themselves, this offers a great community-company relationship, which is extremely important in the gaming industry. He believes that the store should be user generated content, and allow users to cross trade through other games in a big ‘trade Central’.

The controller is what we harness and control when playing games, Valve have shown particular interest with the Nvidia Sheild. Is this a possible insight into the Steam Box soon to come?
We also currently know that Valve have been working on their second Source Engine. Maybe this source engine will be released alongside the Steambox, showcasing the new idea. We might even see the arrival of a game we have been waiting a long time for. But time tells.