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Gaming Heritage : Two Decades Of PlayStation

The last 20 years have seen evenings filled with maddening fun, friends joined together in battle against dark forces and plain simple gamers getting down with the action. All this has entered around the force that Sony has offered in the entertainment market, in the form of PlayStation.

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MSN TV to shut


Ironically following the celebration of its 16th birthday Microsoft announced it would be shutting down MSN TV on September 30th. In an attempt to qual the fury of subscribers Redmond is offering free subscriptions to MSN Premium till 31st December. Following the new year users will have $10 a month or $90 a year.

As expected the ageing MSN TV hardware won’t work with the new service, as expected… Users will have to migrate all data to Skydrive or face losing it, users will have to make the move or be locked out forever. Of course users will have alternatives to fill their evenings with and other services will now surely be baying to pick up the new slack of needy users. Some of use may now miss the service and content provided by the archaic platform and its basic resolution.

Goodbye MSN TV – history will remember you well.

Twitter launches #music service – not exactly streaming – IOS app already inbound

Twitter has today launched their #music service – as expected by the entire world. The social network has released a service that can recommend tracks twitter-music-app-ios-defaultbased on who a user follows. Twitter recently acquired ‘We are hunted’ only a week before the launch of their service. Even though it wasn’t exactly a surprise – we’re just glad to have a paw around and get a feel for ourselves. The site itself has a ‘metro’ like feel to the layout, comparable to that of Microsofts UI. The clean, cut and sleek look of the site provides a refreshing and contrasting feel to those who would be accustom the rather grey look of iTunes.

Interestingly the services is not a direct attack on the likes of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. Instead of providing a fully fledged music streaming service, with full tracks, Twitter has steered clear of the murky waters of likely copyright infringement  and possible litigation. Rather the company has geared up with Spotify and Rdio to offer music streaming of their catalogue of tracks once your premium account has been verified.  Yet if your not as lucky to own a premium account – you only receive half a service, which is the most disappointing part of the deal. 30 second previews are taken from iTunes for those who don’t link their Spotify or Rdio accounts.

The service can be accessed online at music.twitter.com and is now also available as an ios app. The service is set to take on the likes of Facebook who has also introduced music integration into their social network. Twitters microblogging facilities make it a unique service for the likes of musicians and allow the users who follow musicians to access the information they want and need – faster than trawling through epic Facebook posts. Twitter ha provided a voice to everyone of the planet, all be it in less that 140 characterstheir music service is now set on making “emerging” artists big on the world stage. Filters on the homepage can show a user: popular, emerging and suggested tracks. All tailored and based upon a users following. Facebook has always involved music and personal qualities in their service – a users information and biography can detail their taste in tunes. But apart from this – the big blue doesn’t have much on social music integration, which is where Twitter has taken the lead.

“Twitter and music go great together. People share and discover new songs and albums every day,”Twitter’s Stephen Philip posted in a official blog

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 07.42.11Twitter has made a substantial step towards socialising music and hopefully it pulls off. The company launched an IOS app especially for the new service, available to download now. In true Twitter style – you can still post tweets and share music with your followers through all the normal channels. Twitter is trying to reposition itself on the tech shelf, it no longer wants to be seen as a wholly blogging site – but more a entertainment hub for everyday life. Twitter has made its first move towards this so called ‘entertainment hub’. Music has seen a major change in direction in only the last two years, no longer do we buy digital songs – but stream content and want to share it socially. Twitter has met this change at a half way house, some may rejoice -others frown. But it is a start. The music industry is constantly changing – but only time will tell if Twitter can keep up with the fast paced world of music.