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GTA 5: Alien SpaceShip Crash Mid Game!!!

This is the biggest thing to be found in GTA 5 since the release of the game 10 months ago.

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: MULTIPLAYER WORLD PREMIERE Review

It’s that time of the year where Call Of Duty fans are gearing up for the Multiplayer World Premiere, where we will see the Pros play the new online features in the new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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Apple readies next iPhone: September 10th confirmed


We can safely guess that Apple’s next iPhone will be launched next Tuesday, after Apple sent out official invites to press and media outlets today. With September 10th pinned as Apple’s special event date, it will be exactly a year to the day since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, one of their most successful mobiles.

With Apple having a quite year in comparison to 2012, we might be hoping for just a bit more than ‘another’ iPhone. Last year Cupertino unveiled a string of refreshes and devices lines – the iPad mini, Macbook Pro with Retina Display, a new iPod nano, redesigned Apple TV and enhanced iMacs. 2013 has been dismal. Our current hopes jump as far as the success of OS X Mavericks, which lays around the corner for a fall release. As well as the next generation of OS X, we also have a rather colourful update to iOS with iOS 7, which will also launch this fall.

Apple’s invites have generally given us some hint at what may lie ahead in the week, and those colours don’t half look bright. It maybe even more likely that we will now see a multicoloured, iPhone ‘5C’ launch on Tuesday. A cheaper, more affordable iPhone with added colours, may allow Apple to dominate in places such as China were alternative Android products rule. While the colours hint at a possible iPhone colour launch, we might also get a further look at iOS or even a possible iPad refresh. Apple’s flagship iPhone is expected to get camera upgrades and also a new finger print scanner, but rumours have since suggested this might not happen. iOS 7 may get a release on September 10th or we’ll at least get Gold Master, the final beta before a public release.

Whatever Apple decide to grace us with, it looks colourful, remember the sun glasses for Apple’s event. You might need them.

Gadget Nibble will be covering Apple’s iPhone event on September 10th, further updates to follow…

UPDATE: Apple has also scheduled an event for September 11th in China. We can only guess that the iPhone 5C maybe imminent