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Apple WWDC 2013: What to expect

Apple’s 24th WWDC conference is on route next week. We’ve heard speculation, rumour and whispers about likely upcoming products and ‘software’ revamps – but how realistic are these? It’s Apple’s first event in over seven months and we are expecting something that will change the direction of Apple – therefore the Apple toaster, iToilet and other ridiculous rumours on the web won’t likely be on Tim Cook’s schedule. Anticipation is running high, merely due to the fact Apple hasn’t released anything new in a long time. WWDC is set But nevertheless lets take a look at some of the rumours we think are more likely, so hear are the top things Gadget Nibble expect to see at WWDC 2013…

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 14.58.25We all know iOS is flagging a bit in the design space and that Android has been seen as a more superior alternative for over a year. Yeah well we hope (expect) Apple to finally fix the life long issue of their stagnated OS. Nothing has changed in iOS since its original launch in 2007 – sorry they added an extra row of icons (I feel privileged). iOS has club to skeuomorphic design by its bare hands – nobody else in the market illustrates a contact list with faux leather bindings and page animations… Bring in Jony Ive – Apple replaced Soctt Forstall as iOS leader and now Ive manages the development of UI. We’re hoping for less skeuomorphism in the latest release – the rumour mill suggest a more flattened OS – this can be backed by the replacement of the Podcasts app with a sleeker and more modern looking sibling. Apple will need to replace iOS without a doubt to ensure their iPhone and iPad stays top of its game. Apple may also be looking to redesign the home screen, talks of widgets and ‘live’ icons are bustling on the web. It would be a nice change, Apple had previously worked to a click or button ratio as such. For a UI to pass Steve Jobs’ vigorous approval it would need to get the user to where they wanted in minimal clicks or in this case taps. Apple seems to have forgot this. It is no longer a story of hardware but users want the best from their software too. Hear that Apple?

While their at it many expect Apple to give Mac OS X a quick tinker – the platform has become more and more like its younger sibling iOS. We again, expect Apple to continue this step and possibly port Siri to the Mac – that would be amazing. Siri needs work on iOS, more implementation and usability are expected – in comparison to Google Voice, the old girl is a little slow.

iCloud will be a defined point of the keynote – expecting iCloud on your android? On Windows Phone? Well don’t get your hopes up, at D11 Cook told the gathering he felt the time wasn’t right to offer to multiple platforms but would do so if circumstances changed. What the hell that means, I don’t know. iCloud is currently available on Mac OS X, iOS and in very basic Windows form. Considering WWDC is for developers we hope to see some inclusion here with developers – iCloud has had numerous issues with syncing causing developers headaches – so therefore Apple should wake up and smell the coffee. Apple would do well to open iCloud more to allow more APIs for the service, developers could implement cloud services directly into their apps – seems a little too logical though for Apple. The Big A may also be pondering over the resurgence of iDisk – lost at the death of MobileMe Apple has since only had limited online storage through iCloud. A possible dedicated app and Google Drive like functionality would be welcomed.

It is practically a God given right that Apple will change iOS – just look at the Podcasts app before and after Forstall. But Mac OS has become a little quaint too – we haven’t seen a major refresh since, we’ll OS X came out. Now we’re not talking Windows 8 style here, just more of a facelift – just here and there to improve our experience. Possibly alter the Mail app, go on Apple you know you want to… While we discuss a reinvention of their UI, Apple may also look at opening up sharing features of their platform – a nice added feature would be AirDrop for iOS, allowing sharing of files without a wifi connection. Apple you know where you got the idea from…

Attack of the Mac


Apple killed off their Mac Pro in Europe after regulations meant they had to alter fan designs – we haven’t seen a replacement yet – nevertheless the Mac Pro wasn’t exactly cutting edge, on the pinnacle of technology. Apple has the opportunity to put the Mac Pro back in business – the model has become woefully neglected, it is a chance for Apple to revamp the line up. Something we haven’t seen done since the MacBook Air.

Apple TV anyone?

Well if you answered yes, you may be disappointed. Apple will unlikely be releasing their mystical television set. The Apple TV on the other hand, the small set too box version (not to cause confusion), may get a little more friendlier with apps. It is possible more providers will make their way to the small box and may receive their own apps to go along with them! I would personally like to see iOS become more of a part of the Apple TV experience – wider integration would seal Apple’s ecosystem.

iRadio, ready for some Apple tunes?

Apple has confused us all with their iPad release schedule, the iPad 3 came last year and only 8 months later had it been replaced – now Apple is leaving us in the dark. It is a possibility they may add new inner specs such as a speed bump, which could hint at a possible iPhone tech sheet but its unlikely. The most anticipated rumour is the launch of an Apple iRadio – hinted at by numerous rumours from record labels and industry sources – Apple is apparently working closely at looking into the likelihood of streaming content for customers. Google has already got their snout deep into the trough, their Google Play All Access launched earlier this month in the US and allows full streaming, Apple is still working in the dark ages of download and iTunes… We hope that an streaming service would come at a competitive price, it would have to work with iTunes and most likely would find itself deeply integrated into iOS and Mac OS X.

Anybody got the time?

ipodnanowatchWell if you wanted to hear a little more about the iWatch, here it is. Apple is rumoured to developing a smart watch that could rival Google Glass. Cook hinted at D11 that he felt the wrist was more “natural” than glasses – he may have let his guard down their. But little sources of evidence have cropped up in recent weeks. That said a recent trademark filing in Russia saw Apple grab the title “iWatch” – this might be a major hint, or just sensible business. The industry itself is at the early stages of smart wearable computing. Apple may feel it needs time to work on the iWatch – or we could get the Apple back that we all love and lead the market and wow us all (maybe a bit too hopeful).

Either way Apple will be making a show and dance of their Keynote on Monday, 10 AM EST time and will likely commence from 6PM BST. We will be watching live and waiting to give you feedback exactly as it happens. Apple will have a lot to talk about and answer too.