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2014: A Year of Change

Change, this year has seen a lot of it. Technology has changed, the focus is continuing to push towards the wearable market, the next-gen consoles don’t seem too next-gen now and lets not forget extreme market turbulence (looking at you Apple and Samsung). Gadget Nibble hasn’t been immune from such transitions either – with the last of our beloved mascots, Boog, departing us. As we go into 2015, things are going to keep changing.

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Apple Preps New iWallet System: Visa, Mastercard and American Express On Board

Apple is prepping major debit/credit card companies for the launch of an upcoming payment system, believed to be launching on the next iPhone.

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Community Are You With Us: What You Want To See

Here at Gadget Nibble we are constantly trying to produce the best content for you: our viewers, readers and community members.

Over the recent weeks we have experienced a fluctuation of views and comments through our YouTube channel and have seen increased numbers through our website. Thank you for this. You continue to show your support for Gadget Nibble and this means a lot to us.

Gadget Nibble team

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy our content but we can’t do this without your feedback.  We need your feedback so we can improve are content, make videos, fix problems around the main website or even on our social pages. Be it bad comments, critical comments or just random comments. Every comment helps us to make better content for you.

You can post comments on Google+Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos. We will read them all and try to respond to as many as we can.

If you have found a technical problem with a social page or the main website send a tweet to Oliver at: “@ty771198

Thank you for your support.

iOS 7.1 Launches: Remedies The Past Mistakes (Most Of)

Feeling violated by iOS 7? I am, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s not one of Apple’s usual sleek and ‘workable’ updates to iOS – in fact sometimes it’s completely unworkable. But do not fear, iOS 7.1 is here.

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Evasi0n jailbreak finally arrives for iOS 7. WAIT.

Months of waiting has paid off, most thought this day would never come… But rejoice, it has finally arrived. The evasi0n have launched their shiny new jailbreak for iOS 7, which had taken a long time to procure with the new ‘security’ features present.  So, go on, jump in, download; but be warned…there’s a catch!

I’ve never been a fan of ‘jailbreaking’, for me it eliminates part of the elegance and smooth experience that is generally found in Apple products. But that said, I can see a persons reasons for wanting to jailbreak. As we move further through the development of iOS, Apple slowly spoon feeds us extra customisation and tools, however a quick jailbreak would offer all the customisation in the world. So, my hat goes off to those wishing to brave the world of jailbreaking.

To make the process of ‘freeing’ your iDevice a lot simpler, evasi0n came up with a tool to ensure everyone can’t jailbreak. Download. Plugin. Jailbreak (remember to disable lock screen first). It’s that simple.

The catch? Well, the team didn’t work with Saurik, which means they forgot to add an updated Cydia store or MobileSubstrate. But check the Twitter-o-sphere and it seems we won’t have to wait long for that. You make the decision, jump in or wait it out. You decide…

iPad Air Review

It’s been a week with the iPad Air, we’ve had our ups and downs – we’ve given it a run through in almost every category, so what did we think of it? How did it stack up against its competitors and how did handle Apple’s new A7 64 bit chip? At a hefty £400, is it worth your hard earned cash?

The iPad Air was launched in October 2013, alongside the new iPad mini with Retina display. Both tablets received MIMO WiFi technology, the A7 chip, improved cameras and a thinner lighter design. The iPad Air sheds a whole load of weight and the bezels have been on a crash diet, simply it feels like a larger iPad mini. But does the tablet perform?