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Tim Cook and Apple ‘offended’ by ‘Beeb’ Report

After our friends at the mighty ‘Beeb’, commonly known as the BBC, produced a rather chilling report on Apple’s workforce; Tim Cook has come out and declared his offence at the matter.

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iPad Air 2 Launched: ‘Change is in the Air’

Unlike last month’s event, Apple’s iPad event was low key. Today’s shenanigans was held in a rather down-sized auditorium on the Apple campus. After an array of updates from Craig Federighi – joking aside – Phil Schiller and Tim Cook got down to business; releasing an updated iPad. The iPad Air 2. Continue reading iPad Air 2 Launched: ‘Change is in the Air’

iPhone 6 Bendgate: The Apple That Turns Into A Banana

Got yourself one of those snazzy new iPhone 6 or 6 Pluses? Cool eh? I bet you’ve spent the weekend cruising through the new features and giving your new smartphone a little test run. But there’s a secret hidden feature you might not have discovered… It Bends.

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N.O.W: Is Time On Apple’s Side?

Apple launched their next iPhone last Tuesday, all in a fit of applause and excitement. Tim Cook took to the stage to tell us how amazing iPhone 6 is – but does it live up to the hype? And there is a certain little timepiece called the Apple Watch… You might be interested…

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Apple’s Next iPhone: Bigger than Bigger

The iPhone has just got size increase. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched by Tim Cook on Tuesday during an event at the Flint Centre to an eager crowd. But how has iPhone changed since 2013, and where has it gone in its 7 year history?

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