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1 Day To GO: “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

Just one day to go till DICE holds it’s 2015 Summit and Treyarch present “Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.”

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Gadget Nibble 2014: Statistics

In 2014 large amount of Tech news was reported, from new devices to hacking and security fails. Lets take a look at what got you reading.

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Is The Look Of Facebook Too Old: Google Chrome Apps And Extensions With Custom Themes

Over a billion people use Facebook each day to chat, find out news and to play games but has Facebook’s look of blue and white got to old? And what about there ads that are pushed in to your face as you chat to friends, are they good or bad?

gn faceFacebook over the years has grow in thousand and thousand but has not change in what it looks like, apart for profiles and adding more ads to the side of the page but it sill has it blue and white look that it has had for the start back in from 2005 when it hit worldwide. Some people like the old look but others think a custom one made theme will be better for them making them use it more than the old looking one. Users using Google Chrome can download a custom theme maker app or find a extension to add to there Google account witch will change Facebook when they login or from the login menu.

The top app is “Facebook Style Gallery App” witch allows the user to choose a theme from TV characters to space pictures and different colours to make Facebook look how they want it.

The top extension is “Ponyhoof” witch changes Facebook into a My Little Pony style Facebook. It has a redesign login screen and can be customized with colour. Instead of liking a post it has been changed to Bro-hoof and friend, message and globe icons can be changed and the best thing about this extension is that THERE ARE NO ADS added by the makers. The extension can be added to Fire Fox, Apple Safari, Opera and Google Chrome by going to Ponyhoof on Facebook and finding the install tab or finding it on the Google chrome app store. It can be disabled at any time and pony’s can be changed to what the user likes. There are updates to the extension on a regular basis and news will be added to the users news feed if the Ponyhoof page is liked.

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So dose Facebook need a new look or dose it need a designer theme to make it look better?

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