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Xbox Live Add More My Little Pony Gamer Pics To Store

Xbox Live has added another pony update to its Live Store; this time featuring the much loved character Derpy.

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N.O.W: Look at all those colours and Good bye Wii

Red, yellow, blue, maybe purple? Apple didn’t make a colourful tablet, but Alcatel has taken its place. The Touch Pop is leaked online, showing off quite a lot. The Wii meets its demise and final discontinuation in Europe. Who’s your favourite Wii character? Your favourite game? Would you buy a Mac Pro in red? Plus is GTA V deserving of its golden Joystick award?

Samsung Galaxy Gear: We’ve got a sneak peak…

Samsung might have got a little flustered about the untimely leak of their next ‘big thing’ to hit store shelves since their Galaxy line-up of phones. Samsung’s smart watch got an early viewing prior to an expected launch on 4th September.

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So, if you’ve been wondering what Samsung’s take on a wearable computer might look like, then this is the place. Courtesy of VentureBeat, we’ve brought you the leaked images of Samsung’s newest arrival and it doesn’t look all that bad. According to sources the prototype shown in the image houses a 3inch display and sports a 4 mega-pixel camera in the wrist strap. This gives the strap a bit of bulk and heft to it, maybe a downside to Samsung’s attempt.

VentureBeat also snapped a few screenshots of a promo video, depicting the camera UI and touch screen interface. Samsung’s watch will also support the exclusive feature of S-Voice, which had only been existent on Galaxy phones.

Those health conscious amongst you can rejoice. Expect a variety of health apps such as a calorie counter and heart rate monitor to debut in the Galaxy Gear.

VentureBeat noted that Samsung also include WIFI, media features and call logs into the device. So this leaves us questioning the true use of the device. Is it intended for health gurus? Or as an addition to the Galaxy Phone? Can Samsung tackle both markets and will they succeed? Current evidence would suggest that Samsung maybe heading for more of an accessory route, deeply integrate with the Galaxy ecosystem. After all the market is flooded with ‘health’ tech. Samsung may also add Bluetooth and NFC capability. Keep your fingers crossed. But the addition of dedicated WIFI means you could use the device without a phone and therefore act as a great fitness toy. But with manufacturers baying for extra battery life and further battery improvements, Samsung might need to ensure that the battery last. Reportedly, you’ll manage 10 hours of battery life and therefore it might not be the best choice for your all day time piece.

Nevertheless we’ll find out when Samsung launch a new line-up at IFA this Wednesday if a smart watch is on the horizon. But until then keep tuned for more details.

Gadget Nibble will be reporting on Samsung’s IFA event this coming Wednesday.

Credit: Images from VentureBeat

Hands On Review: iOS 7 Beta 2. Did much change?

iOS 7 Beta 1 came out only a couple of weeks ago, but this week Apple announced iOS 7 Beta 2 – not much changed but enough to warrant a torrent of opinion flooding the internet. Beta 2 isn’t a final release, Apple will most definetly revamp iOS 7 before releasing it to the public. It isn’t perfect. Apple brought us the ability to place the beta on an iPad and gave us back voice memos; for those who missed it. There are still glitches here and there and the finish is from from Apple’s standards. But it is a beta and what do you expect. It’s a start for Apple and let’s hope they improve…

Is this a new Apple?

Apple took on the world at their WWDC conference on Monday, they tried to woo every fan and still please those sceptical of the company,Apple had previously not cared of their image or had not worried about their competition – now they seem to be weary of others and sucking up to competitors. Apple has swapped and changed their iconic style and now we can’t be sure of the ‘real’ Apple, but this could be innovation. But there was one assurance that we could grasp from the Apple display – they’ve changed. Jony Ive is now at the helm of the Big A – leading on design and pushing forward Apple as a centre of innovation. Well we will have to let consumers decide. iOS 7 is intended to place Apple back on the map, but maybe the map is being held the wrong way round? Apple needs to regain its innovative intentions and ensure they force the market forwards.

The videos and ads released by Apple have indicated a different ethos is afoot. We expect Jony Ive to be the driving force behind the change, but also the fact is Apple realises that competitors are beating them. Apple is now trying to compete on a larger scale, the market is bigger than ever before and now they need to speed up. The first video highlights the fact Apple have remained loyal to their core customers – but we hope they don’t become blinded by past and keep a foothold in the future.