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BronyOS: Alpha Testing Confirmed For January

It had been confirmed that ModMCdl will begin Alpha testing BronyOS in January.

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Today Is Judgement Day: Good Bye XP

Today marks the end of an era, it’s going to be sad and it’s going to be poignant. Make sure you have some friends nearby, you’ll want to support each other.

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Ballmer hopes reshuffle will save Microsoft


Microsoft has had a bit of stick recently and hasn’t faired too well in the PC market. Windows 8 has sold less copies than expected and the general PC trend is down. Microsoft hasn’t been able to adapt well to changes in the market and it shows. Their recent Xbox One 180 deal cost them a lot of credit and the executives behind that undoubtedly got a speaking to. But now Ballmer has announced a complete reshuffle of the firms hierarchy in efforts to boost “speed, efficiency and capability”.

The move was announced to staff via email and published to the sites press page. In a lengthy note Ballmer empathises the the idea and the strategy to improve Microsoft’s innovation. In a bid to remove bureaucracy and tighten the links between managers and employees there will now be organised departments within the corporation, including: Engineering, Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism, Advanced Strategy and Research, Finance, HR, Legal and COO. The last including customer support, IT and operations.

“There will be four engineering areas: OS, Apps, Cloud, and Devices,” Ballmer said.

Microsoft is trying to build upon previous success in order to survive, a more streamline integration of all consumer and enterprise services looks to be on the horizon. Microsoft has consolidated major roles into one key job, this allowing for better focus. For example Julie Larson-Green will now lead Microsoft’s Device and Studios Engineering. She will be following up all hardware from the largest to the smallest. The once software firm now seems to be taking an exceeding interest in hardware and it is yet to be seen if their lack of experience in this area will disadvantage them.

Microsoft is trying to achieve a goal some would say sounds very familiar.

“One experience, one company…Microsoft has the clear opportunity to offer consumers a unified experience across all aspects of their life”

The fact that Microsoft is trying to join their products and  x bcc into one unified symbol is not new to the market. All I have to say is one word… Apple.

In other changes the President of Microsoft Office division, Kurt DelBene, will retire as part of the shakeup.

Microsoft and Steve Ballmer believe that they can revitalise the Microsoft brand and use the success of Xbox and Windows to progress.

“We continue to look for signs on how the company can leverage its success in the Xbox business to re-energize its current efforts in the tablet and smartphone markets,”

The poor performance of Microsoft’s stocks have led some to speculate that the firm would soon ditch Steve Ballmer as CEO who took over from Bill Gates. The latest reshuffle could be an attempt to quench the fuming shareholders as forces move against Ballmer. Like Apple and Google’s recent reorganisation and later market success. Microsoft has been at the back of the pack for some time now and has been left behind by the mobile revolution. Their Windows Phone is doing OK, but thats it. Microsoft is trying the reform their business model through the tighter integration of services as Ballmer said they hope to: “take advantage of the power of one”.

Microsofts shares rose $1.01 at the announcement and the firm has been at an all time high this year at $35.67. Microsoft is trying to change itself not previously done before. It comes as Apple and more so Google are becoming trendsetters and innovative icons in the industry. In a market were mobile dominance and the ease of use are is key Microsoft has failed to keep up the pace. The one Microsoft  agenda and culling of ‘flabby’ divisions is seemingly similar to Apple upon Steve Jobs return in the 90’s – the vision of ensuring all devices work seamlessly with each other for a better experience.


Despite Windows 8 not gathering much ground it looks as though the firm may hold steady on that idea. They are spending more and more time being concerned with hardware and the Windows OEM platform and we won’t see this change at the moment. As Microsoft and Steve Ballmer move through the reshuffle analysts will sit and watch – the firm has lost its ‘wow’ since its revolutionary launch of XP, the worlds most popular OS, and is now a smaller figure in the IT world. Since Bill Gates turned philanthropical and left the company many questioned Ballmer’s ability to lead and push the company forward. Nevertheless the move to make the reshuffle signals that Microsoft know’s whats wrong and are now making moves to address the issues.

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