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Gadget Nibble One Year On…

It’s Gadget Nibble’s 1st Anniversary… Congratulations (pat on the back). But how did it start?

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TGIF Live: Do you feel abandoned by Microsoft?

This was recorded live on Ustream.

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), is a special Gadget Nibble video to allow the community to interact and relax; as the weekend draws nearer. We discuss some of the more topical and controversial stories of the day and get live feedback from you off Google+.

Has Microsoft made too many mistakes? Do you feel they need a rethink? Well we get your opinion as Tech Tom hosts a show in which you take control and give your thoughts on the events of the week. Let us know, give us your thoughts on Google+ at Nibbles G or on Twitter @GadgetNibble.

Please note these are not the opinions of Gadget Nibble or Tech Tom unless otherwise stated.