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They Need Your Help: YouTube Ends Wreckless Eating’s Monetization

We all know in the last few months YouTube has changed and shaken up there Monetization policy and sponsors but it has now taken a turn for the worse, as channels are now relying on Patreon support with some having to end there channels as they can not afford to continue there passion for creating videos. We look at a channel I have been following for years as they find they YouTube back log has be Demonetized.

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Gadget Nibble One Year On…

It’s Gadget Nibble’s 1st Anniversary… Congratulations (pat on the back). But how did it start?

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TGIF Live: Do you feel abandoned by Microsoft?

This was recorded live on Ustream.

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), is a special Gadget Nibble video to allow the community to interact and relax; as the weekend draws nearer. We discuss some of the more topical and controversial stories of the day and get live feedback from you off Google+.

Has Microsoft made too many mistakes? Do you feel they need a rethink? Well we get your opinion as Tech Tom hosts a show in which you take control and give your thoughts on the events of the week. Let us know, give us your thoughts on Google+ at Nibbles G or on Twitter @GadgetNibble.

Please note these are not the opinions of Gadget Nibble or Tech Tom unless otherwise stated.