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Countdown to Zero Hour: Treyarch Hint Zombies

More news From Treyarch Studios about Call Of Duty Zombies.

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Treyarch Hinting Call Of Duty Zombies Game

Could Treyarch be working on a Call Of Duty Zombies? We think so.

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DayZ Standalone: Trouble In Town

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N.O.W: Google Chromecast Unboxing

British Pathè: https://www.youtube.com/user/britishpathe

We unbox Google’s Chromecast and discuss, does it have any value? It’s Gameboys’ birthday and there’s some shocking Steam stats.

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NOW: Gold iPhone 5S, Nintendo 2DS and Good bye Dial-up

Have you been pondering about which colour iPhone you’ll want next? Do you think black is in? Well maybe you’ll think differently… Apple is expected to launch a Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S, will you take the plunge? Plus the latest iPhone rumours. Siri gets a bit narked with Glass. As well as Nintendo’s final hurrah. Will you miss Dial Up connections. The buffering awaits…

Left for Dead? I Don’t think so…

In 2008 Left 4 Dead was released by Valve and it took the world by storm. I personally have not played any of the Left 4 Dead franchise, but even I can’t ignore its raging success and ongoing community support is immense. Set in the aftermath of apocalyptic pandemic, the game has gripped gamers and has now sold millions of copies. With the launch of Left 4 Dead 2 in 2009 the title later sold over 11 million copies. The franchise is an ongoing battle between the Survivors and the living, infected hoard of the undead. Nice. Despite the goriness of the series, gamers have still bought in and made Valve one of the most successful games developers yet.

Now with it being nearly 5 years since the launch of the next cycle in the battle to defeat the blood curdling, stench rotting zombies – gamers are getting agitated. With no sign of another instalment, it looked like the zombies had won. That is until now…

Members of the Dota 2 Reddit community managed to acquire a tour of the Valve offices in Bellevue and surprisingly were allowed to use cameras. This was obviously a ‘mistake’ on Valves part, as the secretive tour later ended up as a 33 image compiled public exhibit on the social media site, Imugr. The photos shown aren’t the clearest, but they’ll do. From a Valve project change log you can’t see much – but zooming in reveals a lot more. It looks as if we have evidence of Left 4 Dead 3 using the second generation of the source engine in the change log and this basically confirms most of the online speculation around the game.



Hopefully it means we can get our hands on a copy of the title soon and will be able to experience the next storyline Valve has to offer. Again, overlooked by Valve is the website: http://l4d3.ru/ – showing us a logo and countdown timer to the launch of the next title. This has likely got under the radar due to the fact – it isn’t official.

Oh well, official or not – we won’t have to wait long for the next Left 4 Dead title, even if it turns out to be longer than 15 days. Either way you can expect more of the same from Valve and hopefully a few other added features too.

Source: http://imgur.com/a/b5dIf

Apple’s App Store overrun with “Zombies”


Zombies maybe a creative source of engaging fun – developers and customers thrive on a good battle with the living dead. Nevertheless a developer won’t want their app singled out a brain dead, psychopathic zombie, no way. Sadly a staggering two thirds of all iOS apps on Apple’s App Store have been identified a “Zombie” by the mobile analytics start-up adeven upon the launch of a new app analysis tool – Apptrace.  The tool, which launched on Tuesday, shows off several stats and history of an app, such as the daily downloads etc.

Upon looking at Apple’s App Store as an overall the picture that Apple paints becomes a bit more discoloured and rotten.

“The reality is there are only a couple of thousand apps that really make some kind of downloads,” Christian Henschel, Adeven CEO.

It has been identified that a small group of apps make up the current download majority from Apple’s App store, which is now celebrating its 5th anniversary and over 5 billion downloads.  Throughout the Apptrace database 579,000 of the 888,000 apps were classed as Zombie. With this latest news, Apptrace also noted that it was becoming increasingly difficult for new developers to get a foothold in the market.

The definition of ‘Zombie’ being apps that never appear in Apple’s most downloaded worldwide chart which runs down to over 300,000 places.

The launch of the App Store in 2008 along with the iPhone 3G was a monumental moment for gaming and is regarded as the turning point. Since Google, Microsoft and Blackberry have moved to create their own stores and Apple earlier revealed that it has now paid out over $10bn to developers.

Although Apple is now celebrating a major step forward, its 5th anniversary, the latest figures are a little more stale than was previously thought. With the average users not accessing no more than 5 apps a week on their smartphone, are those 995 other apps just sitting there for show?

Cover image courtesy of Deviantart

Source: http://siliconallee.com/silicon-allee/startups/2012/07/31/two-thirds-of-ios-apps-are-zombies-says-apptrace

Are you a brain dead zombie?

Do you feel like a member of the living dead? Have you got an appetite for rotting flesh? Do you own an iPhone? Well if you’ve watched Nokia’s latest round of advertising you’d know that the company has attacked iPhone users and Apple about their mass zombie like marketing and phone use.

They’ve the complexion of the living dead.

Eyes as red as blood.

Drooling sense of devotion to a certain phone.


Nokia is now trying to push its 925, Windows Phone, out into the big markets. It’s latest series of ads paints iPhone users as a simple and inexperienced type of users. The iZombies, here represent the mass hoards of iPhone users, have no sense of real photography and are reliant on the ‘flash’ of the camera with no real thought of the final photo. On the other hand Nokia has tried to suggest that its 925 nonflashy ‘flashy’ camera is far superior than the iPhones blinding apocalyptic LED.

Samsung had only just finished bashing Apple

Here we see a lonely Nokia user, and there aren’t many in this ad, walking down a street in the dark. His only consolidation, his Nokia 925 held firmly. Turning the corner, we are faced with a hoard of the living undead. These represent the mass hoards of iPhone users that Nokia believe are now untamed and loose in the world of technology. iZombies are a plague of the mobile world and Nokia is trying to demonstrate that they all follow the same path, they all buy Apple. Why? Because it is Apple. As he walks down the road he is met by the zombies turning others by taking photos with the flash. The Nokia user is cornered, and they will be turned next…

Nokia is advertising the camera on the Lumia 925 and its extraordinary low light conditions. It seems to be quite the fashion to take a hit on Apple at the moment, first Samsung and now Nokia. Lets just hope the iZombies don’t over throw the world.